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Balancing the budget - strategic overview

All schools have to maintain the difficult balance of continuous school improvement and operate within their budget. School leaders face the strategic challenge of projecting forward and ensuring that learning outcomes for pupils are excellent whilst ensuring that provision and how this is managed is affordable in the current and future years.

There is no one answer, each school will develop the best way forward dependant on their context, strengths and areas under development.  Unless you already have clearly defined financial plans and strong support in place, it could be useful to ask for independent advice if you are going to be very adrift.

For the purposes of the toolkit, curriculum and staffing, staffing and other expenditure plus sample curriculum models, an interactive curriculum costing analysis tool and Hertfordshire curriculum analysis (secondary) have been created as a catalyst to your thinking.  Curriculum and staffing are intertwined and therefore at times overlap.

James Roach, Headteacher and Sharon Carlyon, School Business Manager, Laurance Haines Primary School - Discuss their three year strategic plan to manage emerging financial pressures

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