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Staffing - performance management

How do I get the most out of my staff?

In a financially pressurised climate it is really important that you enable your staff members to deliver to the best of their ability and that they are as productive as possible.

Performance management

Performance management is crucial in this context to ensure staff understand very clearly what they need to achieve and are supported to deliver that throughout the year.

You need to ensure that you have a well-structured appraisal process and that any decisions made on individuals’ pay and progression are clearly related to performance (it is a statutory requirement that teachers’ pay is directly linked to performance, but it is recommended that performance is considered a key factor in the pay and reward any individual receives).

You should ensure that you review your pay and appraisal policy on a yearly basis and that you identify your staff members’ skills and development needs each year, so that you can support them to grow.

The Herts for Learning HR Advisory team can provide a model pay and appraisal policy as well as advice, guidance and training on appraisal, pay and performance management for staff, leadership teams and governors. If you would like any support, then do get in touch with the HfL HR Advisory team.

What if I have performance challenges with individuals?

If you have individuals who are struggling to deliver to the level expected, it is really important that you feed back to the individuals as soon as possible and work with them to help them raise their performance levels. If problems are left to the end of the performance year, they will come as an unwelcome surprise to the individual.

If you need support in addressing performance problems, the HfL Schools HR Advisory team can provide detailed support, advice and guidance.

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