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School business managers

DFE research states that schools manage their funds more strategically and save money when they have the services of expert help on board. The post title School Business Manager is used widely in education and has attracted some sizable salaries. This is not another name for the school secretary or office manager or other posts that have a link to finance; this post is far reaching and high level.

Carley Holliman, Headteacher and Liz Redman, School Business Manager, Brockswood Primary School - Discuss working together effectively

Key to success is the skill level of the individual. The way in which the head manages the business manager and the way in which the business manager manages the head is crucial as when this works well is one of the most significant partnerships in a school. Schools that are in control of their spend in the main have expert business managers or share the post with other schools. In times of financial constraint it is key to have this highly skilled support.

James Roach, Headteacher and Sharon Carlyon, School Business Manager - Laurance Haines Primary School - Discuss checks and balances and generating positive outcomes for the school

Does each school have to have its own Business Manager?

No, schools recognise the value of expertise in this area and are making joint appointments across a number of schools or buying in this service whilst maintaining adequate capacity within the school for day to day processes.

As with any form of collaboration the overall objectives have to be clear and the protocols established to ensure this works effectively. This is a very significant way to stream line a number of activities that are to be found in every school and gain advantage in a number of areas. E.g.  A good contract brokered for utilities/insurance/cleaning/bulk orders/purchase of IT/project management of building repairs and maintenance and capital projects gets better when rolled over a number of schools and means that efforts are not duplicated.

The benefits of sharing a business manager are that schools ensure that high level expert skills are available to them. Herts for Learning offer School Business Management Services including consultancy, business management reviews, induction for SBMs and support with recruitment.

Job descriptions

Model job descriptions for the following roles will be available here shortly.

Assistant School Business Manager
School Business Manager
School Business Manager Leader

Further information

The National Association of School Business Managers is the main national organisation for this role.

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