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Staffing - overview

The curriculum model leads the demand for teaching staff as discussed elsewhere in the toolkit. Modelling the number of classes, pupil teacher ratio and contact time will inform what you can afford. Are there staff with second subjects or skills that could be used to ensure that capacity is used effectively?

Staffing structures – just because a structure has historically been in place does not mean it is the most effective, we all get used to the status quo.
- What posts and structures actually make a difference in your school?
- What posts and structures are part of the fabric of what happens and make no or little difference?
- How do you know?

Reduce leadership costs and review the effectiveness of the leadership structures.
- Is the leadership team too big?
- Do all the tasks undertaken by members of the SLT need to be accomplished at this level? Could support staff/office staff/aspiring middle managers/joint appointee with another school/part time expert fulfil this function?
- Is there any natural movement in the team that may enable fresh thinking?
- Are there other ways of structuring that would enhance learning outcomes for pupils?

Schools are currently under pressure to recruit and retain the high-quality staff needed to support continuously improvement. We are seeing an increase in the size of some teams as membership of the senior leadership team is seen as an incentive, schools must be clear how they are to maintain the spend in this area. Other schools are trimming their senior teams, developing the middle tier, and retaining talent by creating developmental roles such as working across two schools or providing an MA opportunity. Whichever route you take, you have to ensure it is sustainable in terms of school improvement and affordability.

TLRs, have you reviewed the effectiveness of these posts?
- Is there any natural movement coming up that gives you the opportunity to rationalise or be more creative with these posts?
- Are you paying more colleagues TLRs than your structure allows for or that your budget can cope with?
- Are UPS colleagues contributing to the full extent now expected?
- Performance Management is an important tool in ensuring colleagues are supported and make the contribution that is to be reasonable expected.

Sharing posts and services with another school to make them more affordable is proving successful for some schools.
- Have you a post holder with a skill set that you need for part of the time or would you benefit from having time from an expert in another school to complete the skill set at your school?
- Examples are – School Business Manger, Finance Officer, Data Manager, HR officer, Subject coordinator and minority subject teacher

Support staff effectiveness varies hugely between schools and conflicting advice is given as to the benefits to educational outcomes.
- Are you clear about the impact of these posts in your school?
- Does investing in these posts give great outcome for learners? If the answer is no for us these posts make no or very little difference, plan to reduce spending in this area. If the evidence is that they make a significant difference you may wish to invest more and have less of some other provision.
- What evaluation and evidence are you basing your thinking on?

Jan Paine, Managing Director, Herts for Learning - talks about an innovative approach to support staff

Cover supervisors who have a range of roles are more effective than those who sitting in the staff room in case cover is required.

Carley Holliman, Headteacher, and Liz Redman, School Business Manager, Brockswood Primary School - talk about the impact made by working on the staffing budget together

This video is also available in the governors section.

Office staff/support services/business teams. Schools have developed a range of functions to support the administrative, business side of school life.
- These teams can become quite extensive, have you recently reviewed your particular structure?
- Have your team the skills to enable them to be efficient and effective?
- Can technology help stream line this area?

Chris Williams, Area HR Manager, Herts for Learning - talks about making the most of your teaching staff 

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