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The information under this theme illustrates practice related to curriculum and assessment. This includes methods that schools use to raise attainment in the core subjects, as well as other subjects such as history, geography, PE, art and design, MFL, technology, ICT, RE, business and enterprise and vocational education.

Curriculum and assessment - Hertfordshire case studies

Raising standards of literacy: The Words in the Wood project : Borehamwood, Shenley and Elstree Schools (PDF/749kb)

DateApril 2015
Key stagesKS1-KS3
ThemesLiteracy, transition

Maintaining a global perspective: the recipe for success at school : Whitehill Junior School (PDF/393kb)

DateJune 2015
Key stagesKS2
ThemesModern foreign languages,
global citizenship

An age-related approach to basic phonics: Batchwood School (PDF/392kb)

DateJuly 2015
Key stagesKS3
ThemesPhonics, English, reading

Improving the quality of Modern Foreign Languages through the Strategic Learning Network: Bushey and Watford schools (PDF/851kb)

DateOctober 2015
Key stagesKS2-KS3
ThemesModern foreign languages, transition

Adapting ‘Letters and Sounds’ for use in a special school: Meadow Wood School (PDF/724kb)

DateSeptember 2015
Key stagesKS1-KS2
ThemesPhonics, special educational needs

The Bring Your Own Device to School scheme: Sandringham School (PDF/478kb)

DateFebruary 2016
Key stagesKS3-KS5
ThemesICT, technology

Using Raspberry Pis in the classroom: St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School (PDF/486kb)

DateFebruary 2016
Key stagesKS1-KS2
ThemesTechnology, ICT Raspberry Pi

Extending beyond the curriculum with enrichment activities: Homerswood Primary and Nursery School (PDF/383KB)

DateSeptember 2016
Key stagesKS1-KS2
ThemesEnrichment activities, more-able pupils

Using the mastery approach to mathematics: Brookland Infant and Nursery School (pdf/502kb) St Paul’s Catholic Primary School (pdf/544kb)

DateOctober 2016
Key stagesKS1-KS2


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Herts for Learning research reports

Billy Counts: The Fluency Project (PDF/750kb)

Over the last year Herts for Learning (HfL) has been engaging with schools to explore how pupils’ number sense can be improved. The following article sets out some of the findings from their ongoing research and work with schools.

Curriculum and assessment - resources

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