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Early Years Outcomes Toolkit - specifically designed for Early Years settings to support children’s development.

The Early Years Outcomes Toolkit enables practitioners, leaders and managers in PVI settings and schools to track and analyse the progress of individuals and groups of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Toolkit:

  • demonstrates progress across the prime & specific areas of learning
  • tracks individuals and cohorts from entry across the Foundation Stage, building up a history of development and progress
  • identifies which ‘typical development band’ children are working within
  • shows whether cohort or individual achievement is below, within or beyond age related expectation
  •  calculates cohort attainment (%) and measures steps of progress

The comprehensive guidance supports practitioners to track ‘steps’ of progress within the context of a ‘best-fit’ approach to assessment of achievement of Early Years outcomes .  For children in the Reception class, achievement of the Early Learning Goal outcomes can also be recorded, as well as higher levels of development and progress.

An initial single-site licence fee is charged to purchase the toolkit, with the cost dependent on the size of the setting. A low cost annual subscription will be charged, renewable on the 1st April each year, which will provide users with access to email support and updates to the application.

The Toolkit is co-sponsored by Herts for Learning and Hertfordshire County Council Childhood Support Services.  The licence fee is FREE for Hertfordshire settings and offered at a discounted rate to Hertfordshire Independent schools.

Full details on the toolkit are available in the booklet below:

Purchase and Free Trial

To purchase the Toolkit, or to obtain a free 28-day fully-featured trial version of the Toolkit, please visit 

This is the same link for renewing your annual subscription, or for upgrading your toolkit should you require a larger size.  If your setting is already registered with Young in Herts to access training, log in using your normal credentials, otherwise click on the Register link to the left of the screen and you will be provided with credentials via email for accessing the website.

Multi-setting groups or chains

If your setting is part of a group or chain of settings, we will soon be making available a version of the Early Years Outcomes Toolkit that will allow data files to be imported from each setting within the group, enabling data analysis to be conducted at whole group level, or for each individual setting.  We will provide further information via this webpage in due course.

Schools using SIMS

For schools that use SIMS as their MIS, we have an alternative solution, named the EYFS Progress Toolkit, which operates through Assessment Manager 7 (AM7).  Both toolkits provide the same reports.

System requirements

The Toolkit requires a local installation of Office 2007 or later (not a Starter edition), running on Windows 7 or later. Currently the Toolkit is not available on MacOSX.


For further information or general enquiries please email:


Early Years Team
01438 844795