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Exchanging Excellence® is a framework for sharing best professional practice. It is the umbrella programme for all of the work Herts for Learning (HfL) are doing, and plan to do in the future, to find and share best practice and professional learning with our shareholders and customers on a range of current and relevant topics.

The Exchanging Excellence® framework is split into six themes for schools to easily identify different areas of good practice. Under each theme you will find case studies and resources to help identify interesting practice taking place in Hertfordshire schools and beyond.

Closing gaps

The content under this theme shows practice having most impact in improving outcomes for disadvantaged pupils, whilst ensuring that other groups continue to be stretched and achieve at least expected progress. This includes pupils eligible for pupil premium (PP), children looked after (CLA), those with special educational needs (SEN), black and minority ethnic (BME) pupils and pupils with English as an additional language (EAL). It also includes case studies about transition from/to different phases of education.


Curriculum and assessment

The information under this theme illustrates practice related to curriculum and assessment. This includes methods that schools use to raise attainment in the core subjects, as well as other subjects such as history, geography, PE, art and design, MFL, technology, ICT, RE, business and enterprise and vocational education.


Leadership and management

The material under this theme contains practice having the most impact in improving leadership and management in schools. This includes aspects of performance management, governance, curriculum design and self-evaluation. It also includes case studies of schools which have improved to or maintained a good or outstanding Ofsted result and examples of school to school support and networking.


Pupil wellbeing

The content under this theme shares examples of practice to improve pupil wellbeing in schools. This includes PHSE, citizenship, eSafety, SRE, character building, resilience, attendance and pupil behaviour.


Teaching and learning

The content under this theme includes practice that is having the most impact in improving teaching and learning in schools. This includes all aspects of teacher training and continuous professional development (CPD) in addition to outdoor learning, using technology, distance learning, thinking skills and international links.


Early years

The material under this theme illustrates practice from schools, early years settings and children’s centres, to improve achievement in the early years and foundation stage. This includes communication and language, learning through play and child-initiated/adult led activity.


If you have an aspect of interesting practice that could be shared or are interested in finding out more about a case study please get in touch by emailing


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