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Is Herts for Learning the same as the Local Authority / Hertfordshire County Council?

Herts for Learning (HfL) is a not for profit school company limited by shares of which 80% are owned by schools with the local authority retaining 20% of the shares in the company.  HfL delivers a wide range of high quality school improvement and business support services to schools and settings, replacing and building on the former Local Authority provision by adding new services to meet the needs of its shareholders and customers.

Hertfordshire County Council commissions HfL to carry out work to monitor, support, challenge and intervene in schools causing concern or those at risk of becoming a school causing concern. HfL also carries out the monitoring function of the council with regard to academies and free schools and makes recommendations to the council with regard to any concerns that emerge. HfL therefore plays a key role in making sure that the Local Authority Strategy for School Improvement is in place and is being fulfilled.

Are HfL staff DBS checked for school visits?

All Herts for Learning staff who work in schools have had a DBS check (Disclosure and Barring Service) to ensure that they are suitable to carry out work in schools.

All HfL staff should carry a personalised HfL identity badge when they visit schools.

What are your prices for training and consultancy?

Download our current price list from our training and development page. For further details and pricing for training and support packages for Governance, Schools’ HR,  Financial Services, ICT and School IT Systems Support please contact us on 01438 845111.

How can I contact Herts for Learning?

Send any questions or comments through our contact form
Email us at
Telephone us: 01438 845111

or write to us at:
Herts for Learning Ltd
SROB204 Robertson House
Six Hills Way

How can I make a complaint?

For details about how to make a complaint about Herts for Learning please go to the Contact Us page where you can download the HfL Complaints Policy and Complaints Form.

How do journalists contact Herts for Learning?

Please contact Jo Leigh, Marketing and Communications Manager on 01438 844131 or email

Does Herts for Learning have any vacancies?

All of our current vacancies are featured on the Working for Us page.


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