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In this section you will find the latest information for Herts for Learning shareholder schools, including details of shareholder events and elections.

NED election

27/06/2017 We are pleased to announce the following have been elected as non-executive directors on the HfL Board:

Primary phase

Graham Lane – re-elected
Natalie Knight-Wickens

HfL extends its thanks to all candidates who stood for election and to shareholder schools and academies for the interest shown in the election The HfL Board includes six elected non-executive directors, three from the primary phase, two from the secondary phase and one elected from special school shareholders. All directors serve a three year term.

Your company

The company is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of ten non-executive directors (two Council-nominated, six elected by schools and two appointed by the Board) and the Managing Director as executive director.

HfL and Hertfordshire County Council

This leaflet explains which services to schools are provided by Herts for Learning and which are provided by Hertfordshire County Council:

Annual Reports

Articles of Association


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