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Leadership and management

Herts for Learning provides a comprehensive programme of support for experienced teachers wishing to take the next step into a leadership role, and for deputy and assistant headteachers and headteachers as they develop in their career.

Programmes offer a combination of training, consultancy, conferences and networking.

Programmes of support include:

Aspiring deputy and assistant headteachers

For experienced teachers who are interested in becoming a deputy headteacher, Herts for Learning offers an appropriate course, So You Want to be a Deputy?. Delegates participating in this course will gain an increased knowledge of the multi‑faceted role of deputy headteacher, as well as deepening their understanding of how the role varies in different settings. In addition, the course provides delegates with information and advice about applying to be a deputy headteacher.

Deputy headteacher induction and conference

For newly appointed deputy and assistant headteachers, Herts for Learning offers a programme of six induction sessions. Two sessions run each term, and delegates are able to join the programme at any point in the year. Currently, sessions are covering the following aspects of the deputy and/or assistant headteacher role:

  • improving teaching and learning
  • understanding and using data to improve pupils’ outcomes
  • understanding school finance
  • building leadership capacity and effective partnerships
  • effective communication
  • working with governors and Human Resources

Herts for Learning offers an annual conference for all deputy and assistant headteachers. This popular event is delivered by keynote speakers who are usually national figures from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of experiences and expertise. The aim of the conference is to further inspire school leaders, to stimulate debate and also to provide networking opportunities that foster cross-fertilisation of ideas and experiences.

Headteacher development

Herts for Learning offers a range of services to support headteachers throughout their career. These include training, mentoring, conferences, and access to executive coaching and a range of established support networks.

A comprehensive training programme is also on offer across the county, provided by Herts for Learning and teaching school alliances, to support school leaders with key issues and challenges.

A bespoke programme has been developed and is available to support headteachers during their first year of headship.

Headteacher induction programme

The headteacher induction programme is designed to assist the process of initiation to headship, and supports new headteachers in balancing the practical demands of their role with personal leadership development.

The programme consists of an induction package and a mentoring service, which can be taken as a whole or separately.

Herts for Learning has over 50 Hertfordshire Professional Partners (HPPs) specially trained to support new headteachers throughout their first year of headship. HPPs are serving headteachers of Hertfordshire schools graded good or outstanding, each with at least three years’ experience in headship. They attend regular training to keep their mentoring skills up‑to‑date.

New headteachers are encouraged to take up two free sessions with a qualified executive coach at any point during their first two years of leadership.

Herts for Learning is also developing new and innovative programmes to support executive headteachers, in addition to wellbeing programmes for deputies and headteachers.

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