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Hertfordshire Grid for Learning (The Grid)

The Hertfordshire Grid for Learning (HGfL) known as ‘The Grid’ is the website that Hertfordshire County Council in partnership with Herts for Learning uses to both communicate with and support its schools and other educational establishments.

Updated daily, the website provides all the latest news for Hertfordshire schools and provides access to information, operational guidance and support on teaching and learning, school leadership, school administration and management, the school workforce, eServices and access to online systems for Hertfordshire schools.

The Grid also incorporates the Hertfordshire schools intranet where information and resources are designated for use by Hertfordshire schools only.

You will find links to further information, guidance and advice on the Grid from the Hertsforlearning website.

Visit the Grid directly at:

Teach in Herts

Teach in Herts is Hertfordshire’s own online recruitment website to advertise vacancies in schools.  It’s a one-stop shop for the Hertfordshire family of schools and those wishing to work in them. 

The website is the place to search for Hertfordshire teaching and support roles and candidates can search for jobs and apply online.

To find out more about our online recruitment service:

Visit Teach in Herts at:

Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust (HfL MAT)

The Herts for Learning Multi Academy Trust was founded in 2016 by Herts for Learning Ltd.  The HfL MAT is a separate business entity to HfL Ltd. Find out more by visiting the HfL MAT website -

Hertfordshire County is the public facing website for Hertfordshire County Council, aimed at people who live, work or visit Hertfordshire. As well as information about the County Council and its services, the site provides access to a wide range of information and advice about other public services, and details of voluntary and charity groups.

The site also provides information on children’s services, schools and other educational settings in Hertfordshire.

Visit the site at:


Hertfordshire Music Service

Hertfordshire Music Service is one of the largest Local Authority music services with over 600 instrumental and vocal teachers teaching over 25,000 children in schools and music centres across the county. The website provides the latest news and information for schools, parents, pupils and Hertfordshire music teachers.

Visit the Hertfordshire Music Service at:


Herts and Bucks Teaching Alliance

Herts and Bucks Teaching School AllianceHerts for Learning is one of eight strategic partners in the Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance which is a collaboration of schools, universities and local authority learning trusts in the south of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire who have combined with the aim of sustaining and promoting an exceptional quality of education for the students and communities they serve.

Visit the Herts and Bucks Teaching Alliance at: