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The National Curriculum brings various challenges for schools, not least in mid-term planning for core subjects, including English and mathematics, as well as assessment and Early Years.

To support this Herts for Learning has developed PA Plus an essential range of over 450 high-quality resources that support primary schools with planning, assessment and progress-tracking. Currently being used by thousands of teachers, nationally and internationally - PA Plus provides access to essential resources written by a highly skilled team of nationally recognised experts, tested in schools and developed with teachers.

The resources are available to schools via a web subscription service, which enables all staff within a school to download the materials applicable to their teaching role. New resources are added throughout the year.


At Herts for Learning we have developed new sets of detailed assessment criteria for reading, writing, mathematics, science in the primary phase. These are matched to the expectations of the new National Curriculum and can be used by teachers to assess children’s understanding and determine the appropriate next steps.

A set of SIMS resources (Assessment Manager templates and SIMS reports) for tracking and analysing attainment and progress at cohort and vulnerable group level, as well as for individual pupils, are also provided as part of the package.

The full set of assessment criteria are available within the Subscription area.

For sample resources and details of how to subscribe, visit the PA Plus website:


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