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Ofsted case studies:

Effective integration of pupils with disabilities and complex needs into mainstream primary school - 05/03/2013

Giving special school pupils a voice - 27/02/2014

‘Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?’ – creating a primary school community that celebrates diversity - 13/10/2014

Promoting positive body image within primary schools - 11/02/2015

High quality relationships and sex education at primary school - 06/03/2015

Learning about healthy relationships, abuse and consent at secondary school - 27/03/2015

Department for Education case studies:

Managing bullying: identifying and dealing with bullying (secondary school) - 25/03/14

Identifying bullying through anonymous email reports (secondary school) - 25/03/14

Talking about and responding to cyber bullying in a secondary school - 25/03/14

Managing poor behaviour throughout the whole school (primary and secondary school) - 25/03/14

Using isolation rooms to manage poor behaviour at a secondary school - 25/03/14

Using weekend detentions to deter poor behaviour at a secondary school - 25/03/14

Supporting secondary school pupils who persistently misbehave in a turnaround centre and dealing with poor behaviour - 25/03/14

Managing behaviour through supporting secondary school pupils through work with nearby schools, creative arts projects and disciplinary sanctions - 25/03/14

The headteacher and teachers at two different secondary schools work together to promote good behaviour - 25/03/14

Staff at seven primary schools lead by example to encourage good behaviour and academic achievement - 25/03/14

Staff at seven primary schools engage parents to discuss and improve pupil behaviour - 25/03/14

Encouraging good behaviour by rewarding pupils at a primary school - 25/03/14

Using football to inspire young people and their families at a football club – 05/08/15



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