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HfL ICT Services

HfL’s ICT Services provides nationally acclaimed guidance and support underpinned by a Service Desk; to give you easy access to personalised support from the Information Services team to network and technical consultants. In addition, the HICS delivers a safe and secure network to provide access to the internet/education services in a supported environment.

Save money by improving your timetable

A new service designed to provide in-depth analysis of the current school timetable is now available.  It is aimed at governors, headteachers and business managers to provide an overview of the current timetable, including detailed analysis and future recommendations.

Over a period of time, Herts for Learning has worked with more than 20 schools with the 'Improved School Timetable' service and the savings identified to individual schools have ranged from £100,000 to £600,000 per annum.

The service is bespoke for each establishment. Analysis can be tailored to focus on:

  • How effectively the timetable supports both teaching and learning across all key stages
  • Financial efficiency, with respect to staffing, groupings and the quality of the curriculum
  • For those schools using SIMS, an analysis of how efficiently the Nova-T6 software is being used to support the construction of the school timetable

For further information, please contact: Jim Borcherds, ICT MIS Adviser, at

Remote Access solutions

Login Anywhere Remote Access (LARA)

Do you want to be able to access SIMS or your files from home? Or do you want to be able to access these on any device (tablet, iPads, Chromebook, smart phone)?
Using the Login Anywhere Remote Access solution, you will be able to do the above and more.

What can your school expect?

  • Secure Remote Desktop Access to the school from any device ¹, anywhere in the world
         o staff can use their own PCs/iPads etc. so may not need a dedicated staff laptop
         o Access to school server from iPads/Chromebooks in the classroom
  • Access to SIMS, files and folders from home
  • Access to school curriculum titles without the need to install these on the end user device 
  • Full integration with the school's current curriculum server – maintaining current user security permissions and access rights
  • Multiple concurrent users' logins

For a demo, or quote about how this solution works and to review the technical requirements, please contact the ICT Service desk on 01438 844777 or your account manager.

  1. Device must be connected to an internet connection and be compatible with the latest version of the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.
  2. Some graphics heavy applications may not be compatible, e.g. video steaming & Photoshop.

SIMS courses at a venue near you

The Information Services Team can now provide SIMS training around the county, using a virtual training environment (VTE). This is ideal for delegates to attend a session running in your local area.

HfL has identified some potential venues but do need more. If you can provide a computer suite with at least 10 workstations, adult seating, internet connectivity and local parking, we can do the rest, using our online hosted SIMS training solution. You can choose to charge for the room or opt for a free delegate place at the session.

HfL has developed some lite-bite sessions lasting two hours, which are being launched in December 2016. HfL also hopes to use this method of training to respond to requests for training from groups of schools or even a MAT.

Some of the SIMS courses in the spring term:

11th January 2017

23rd January 2017

27th January 2017

For further information about ICT Services and how the team can help, please email:

By Ryan Fisher, Journalist

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