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Stephen has worked in secondary schools in Kent and Hertfordshire and has had a long and distinguished service with the Hertfordshire advisory team. He has been an Ofsted inspector and completed over 100 inspections. More recently Stephen has been a School Improvement Partner and National Challenge Adviser. He has supported schools in special measures and notice to improve in both Hertfordshire and beyond. He has also worked with schools that wish to move from good to outstanding. Stephen’s approach to school improvement is a mixture of support and challenge.

Stephen LavenderHe establishes excellent working relationships with schools demonstrated by school feedback.Stephen currently works with a range of schools in and beyond Hertfordshire and very recently was education consultant to a parent promoted school in north London. During this time he supported an emerging governing body and a group of trustees, drew up plans for the school,  liaised with a range of stakeholders, organised and supported the appointment of the head and senior staff and thereafter worked with them on developing all aspects of the new provision including buildings, fixtures, fittings and other resources. The school opened in September 2010 with its first cohort of Year 7s. 

From September 2012 Stephen has worked part time as Associate Deputy Head at the school taking responsibility for teaching and learning reviews, school self-evaluation, teacher recruitment, introducing the new teacher appraisal arrangements and policy development. This has helped him keep up to date with current practice as well as maintaining a keen sense of the realities of day to day leadership and management of a large school.

Stephen is well respected in Hertfordshire and beyond as an effective adviser who goes above and beyond to ensure that schools get best value from his services.


What they are saying
'Stephen is clearly an effective National Challenge Adviser. He is able to channel the energy and enthusiasm that the school is generating into the most effective actions. The relationship with the school is a good one. Stephen has clearly brought to bear his extensive knowledge and experience to work towards the development of greater sustainability in the school, post 2011.'
'As Headteacher of Cecil Jones Business and Enterpise College in Southend on Sea, I commend unreservedly the advice, support and guidance we have received from the Hertfordshire School Improvement Service over the past 18 months.

We have benefited immensely from the support and challenge of our School Support Partner, and from the work of the English and Behaviour for Learning Advisers in particular. Through their swift and well targeted brokering, we have had direct access to a wealth of good practice in Hertfordshire schools which has assisted us greatly in re-shaping our own ways of working. Their professionalism, knowledge and expertise have been invaluable.'


Stephen Lavender
Secondary School Effectiveness Adviser
Phone: 01438 844855
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