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Herts for Learning’s assessment team provides expert training and advice in all aspects of assessment, both formative and summative. They have worked with nationally renowned assessment experts, including Shirley Clarke, James Nottingham and Chris Watkins, to develop excellence in formative assessment, developing growth mindsets and effective learning cultures in schools.

In response to the removal of levels in the National Curriculum, they have developed a new approach to tracking pupil progress for primary schools. This includes detailed assessment criteria to support teachers in their planning and delivery of the core subjects (developed with Herts for Learning’s subject teaching and learning advisers) and a set of tools (constructed within SIMS Assessment Manager 7) to support schools and academies with tracking pupils’ progress and analysing the performance of pupil groups, e.g. Pupil Premium and SEND.

The assessment team believes that effective assessment practice involves a balance of getting formative assessment working really effectively in the classroom, and using summative assessment to help inform strategic school priorities. They have successfully worked with and supported headteachers, senior and middle leaders, teachers, teaching assistants, governors and parents, working across the primary and secondary phases.

The assessment team has developed resources to support assessment without levels in primary schools which are available in the Primary PA Plus web subscription service.

Overview of in-school training sessions

  • update and overview of formative assessment for learning (AfL)
  • focused session on any specific aspect of AfL, such as engaging lesson starts, clear learning objectives and success criteria, effective feedback for learning, dialogic talk and questioning and collaborative improvement
  • developing a growth mindset and learning ethos/culture
  • support with summative assessment of children's work in English and maths, including standardisation and moderation
  • understanding school performance data, e.g. RAISEonline and FFT Aspire and making effective use of the data to support school improvement
  • making assessment judgements using Primary PA PLus
  • making best use of the data in Primary PA Plus
  • information evenings for parents/governors on topics such as: why levels have gone; supporting children with learning reading; and developing a growth mindset and positive learning attitude

Overview of in-school training sessions

  • audit/review of formative assessment practice in a school, leading to the creation of a development plan
  • moderation of teachers’ summative assessment judgements; one-to-one professional dialogue with a teacher, exploring the evidence of children's learning
  • support with analysing performance data for school self-evaluation and identifying key areas – RAISEonline, FFT Aspire, in-school tracking data
  • support with Primary PA Plus; making effective use of the AM7 reports
  • developing a school-based approach to assessment without levels, e.g. evaluating assessment practices and principles, work scrutiny

For further information on all Herts for Learning’s school improvement consultancy and advisory services, contact or call 01438 845111.

What they are saying
"The sesssion answered all the questions that had been raised in advance and the meeting had clearly been tailored to meet the needs of schools" Herts Headteacher
New to year 2
‘Tutor’s knowledge is very extensive could answer all our questions confidently.’
Assessment for learning in the nursery
‘Excellent course, enriching and very practical.’
Assessing speaking and listening
‘Thank you it was a very worthwhile morning, very impressed.’
Update for secondary assessment co-ordinators
‘A lot of new information given that will help greatly, thank you.’
Headteacher feedback - staff meeting on judging achievement
‘The session answered all the questions that had been raised in advance. The presentation was relaxed and enjoyable as well as informative. The staff meeting had clearly been tailored to meet the needs of the school.’

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