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Curriculum support services

To assist schools and academies with delivering the new National Curriculum, a range of curriculum support services and resources have been developed by Herts for Learning’s team of expert advisers and are available for schools to purchase.
Curriculum support services include:

Primary PA Plus

A complete solution for National Curriculum planning, assessment and progress tracking.

Already being used in over 500 schools and academies across the UK and internationally, Primary PA Plus offers hundreds of online resources supporting mid-term National Curriculum planning for English and mathematics. It includes detailed year-by-year assessment criteria, guided reading assessment materials, age‑related exemplification materials for English and mathematics, as well as SIMS resources (Assessment Manager 7 templates and reports) for tracking and analysing attainment and progress, plus Early Years materials, appropriate for pre-school, nursery and reception children.

Benefits of subscribing to Primary PA Plus:

  • exemplification documents to support moderation across schools and academies
  • resources continually updated and adapted, in accordance with DfE requirements
  • assessment criteria supported by over 150 planning documents
  • imports for SIMS AM7, tailored to Herts for Learning’s assessment system, to effectively track pupil progress
  • new materials frequently uploaded to meet school and academy’s demands
  • latest guidance on assessment practice and approaches, in line with national requirements

For sample resources and details of how to subscribe, visit the PA Plus website:

Primary Computing Scheme

The Herts for Learning Primary Computing Scheme provides a creative approach to delivering the computing curriculum, and is fully aligned with the 2014 National Curriculum for computing. It supports the teaching and the development of computing, building computer science capability, and digital literacy for current and future learning.

The scheme is designed to evolve, to embrace new technologies and practices, and to meet statutory changes to the National Curriculum. It offers flexibility to schools and academies whilst ensuring progression. The scheme is organised into four age phases: EYFS, Key Stage 1, lower Key Stage 2 and upper Key Stage 2, supporting both mixed‑ and single‑aged cohorts.

The scheme is regularly reviewed to make sure it is in line with government guidelines and the latest thinking.

For further information:

Primary Languages Quality Mark (PLQM)

Primary languages quality markTo support schools and academies with providing foreign language teaching to every year group in KS2, and to ensure that teaching focuses on substantial progress in one language, Herts for Learning has developed the Primary Languages Quality Mark (PLQM), which helps to audit, embed and evaluate the foreign language provision in a school or academy. PLQM moves through a series of incremental stages and guides a school or academy towards best MFL practice. It also helps them to meet the new National Curriculum requirements, as set out in the Programme of Study for Key Stage 2. Schools and academies can apply for a quality mark at bronze, silver or gold level by submitting an evidence‑based portfolio.

PLQM measures curriculum planning and design; achievement, assessment and reporting; subject leadership and management; wider opportunities, including international dimension; as well as transition, continuity and progression.

Participating schools and academies can purchase a Quality Mark support pack, including assessment, at a cost of £355.

For further information and support contact

Primary science package

The National Curriculum contains broad statements for each topic and a range of more demanding, working scientifically objectives, which present teachers with challenges around planning and assessment.

scienceTo support this, Herts for Learning has developed a suite of resources, the Primary science package, which contains a range of assessment tasks, tracking documents and a breakdown of the knowledge required for each topic to help teachers with planning.

These resources have been designed to help schools and academies feel confident in securing and judging the progress of children in science and help take the science curriculum to the next step.

For further information, visit Primary Science Package

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