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Governance Services

Governance is a specialist team which supports improvement in schools, academies, free schools and UTCs by developing the effectiveness of governing bodies. The specialist team works closely with Herts for Learning’s solicitors, Winckworth Sherwood LLP, who are legal advisers to many academies and free schools.

Governance works closely with the Hertfordshire Association of School Governors (HASG) and the National Governors Association (NGA).

The governance team support governors through the following three services:

Governors training

Courses are available to all governors either as part of their school or academy’s annual subscription or (where the school or academy does not subscribe) on a pay-as-you-use basis. Full details are shown on the Herts Governors website and in our monthly email to governors.

Governors from subscribing schools receive the following benefits:

  • free attendance to governance courses, an in house training session and the Hertfordshire Governors’ Annual Conference
  • free attendance at courses specific to academy and free school regulations e.g. financial reporting
  • cluster training (open to neighbouring schools and academies). No charge to host (subject to minimum attendance); discounted rate for other subscribing schools and academies
  • occasional briefings on current 'hot topics'
  • briefings run jointly with Winckworth Sherwood LLP on specific academy and free school isssues

Where academies are in a multi academy trust (MAT) a discounted subscription will apply if there is one in-house course per annum held jointly by two or more academies in the MAT.

Hannah Stewart, Governor Training Coordinator
Tel: 01438 844426

Chairs’ service

Specifically designed to meet the needs of chairs of governing bodies and committees. Benefits include the Chairs’ Handbook, chairs’ training courses, regular email briefings, termly meetings of the chairs network, a range of support to help chairs develop their governing body and a dedicated governance officer.

Kathy Dunnett - Governance Officer
Tel: 01438 843038

Succession Planning and Leadership Appointment Service Hertfordshire (SPLASH)

SPLASH supports governing bodies in their succession planning, recruiting and appointing of headteachers, deputy heads and other leadership posts. This service has now moved to the Schools’ HR advisory service.

Clerking service

Training and deployment of clerks to provide efficient administration and advice to governing bodies, a dedicated helpline, termly suggested agenda items and termly meetings of the clerks’ network, at no extra cost.


There are two levels of service:

The clerk is responsible for drafting and circulating the agenda and additional papers. They also attend meetings as well as taking and circulating minutes

Email only (discount)
There is a 5% discount on the comprehensive service charge when the clerk distributes all paperwork electronically.


Clerking plus

This service allows academies and free schools to subscribe to clerking for six board of governors meetings or more per annum, with a discount. (Please note: subscribing to this service must take place at the beginning of the academy financial year.) The service sees an additional saving of up to £170 per annum (subject to all meetings being used); meetings not used will be refunded.

Clerks for disciplinary, exclusion, appeals or complaint hearings

Should a clerk be required for a disciplinary, exclusion, appeal or complaint hearing, these will be charged at one third of the board of governors meeting rate for the first three hours and £81 per hour thereafter.

Clerks’ training and support

This is an essential and highly recommended service for school and academy based clerks. It is designed to support them with relevant updates, training and a Clerks’ Handbook. Clerks are also supported by the Governance team with advice and guidance. This support will enhance the smooth running of the governing body or board and gives school or academy based clerks an opportunity to network with other clerks and share good practice.

The benefits of the Clerks’ training and support service are:

  • a specific training programme for clerks
  • the Clerks’ Handbook
  • summaries of relevant documents and initiatives
  • a termly list of suggested agenda items
  • full access to the governors training and development programme
  • termly seminars for updates and networking opportunities
  • a dedicated helpline for clerks

Kayleigh Kingsland, Clerking Coordinator
Tel: 01438 844113


What they are saying
Making the most of governor visits: ‘Really informative and thought provoking’
Assessment for learning: ‘Really interesting illustrations and enthusiastic presentation – made it a pleasure to be here’
Critical friend: ‘I now have greater knowledge and feel able to contribute more to future meetings’
Being an effective chair: ‘I benefited from hearing the experiences of other chairs and listening to practical examples. I feel better able to delegate more and help other governors understand their role’
Induction: ‘I will go to meetings now and ensure my questioning is more constructive’

Want to find out more?


Governance Advice Line
Phone: 01438 843082

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