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Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service

The Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Service (HICS) is run in partnership with schools. HICS provides a safe, secure network which has been designed to enable schools and academies to access the internet and education services in a supported environment, whilst building on the long standing cooperative agreement of schools to work together and benefit from the economies of scale offered by a countywide connectivity service.

hicsHICS enables schools and academies to receive a broadband connection and a secure network that meets their specific connectivity requirements. The service is secure, reliable, robust and designed to ensure that all school systems and support services work seamlessly through the network. The network integrates and manages access to and from wider Hertfordshire County Council services at no extra cost, ensuring that schools and academies have a cohesive, value for money solution which meets your full connectivity requirements.

Features and benefits of HICS include:

  • A one-stop full service desk and managed system
  • Easy, integrated access to HCC resources including SEAM and SOLERO
  • central web filtering services, with academies having the option to tailor to suit individual needs, all of which meet safeguarding requirements
  • Flexibility in the choice of connection speed
  • An internet connection through a resilient pair of data centres, ensuring maximum, uninterrupted access
  • Education specific service, with best practice for safety and security built-in
  • Support for safe and secure Wi-Fi access to the internet for staff and students using their own devices
  • A network designed to meet national agency standards
  • a supported VPN solution, to enable secure remote access for staff to academy‑based systems, such as SIMS
  • Proactive service management – our systems can display and highlight issues for resolution before schools and academies are aware of them
  • a market-leading SLA, managed by Herts for Learning

Contact Kevin Crawley,
Schools Connectivity Service Coordinator
Tel: 01438 844777

What they are saying
"We’ve been impressed by the speed and competency of the HICS team in resolving issues both within and outside of your control. It’s always reassuring to know that we have you working to keep the network operational and represent the academy if the occasion arises." Herts Network Manager

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Kevin Crawley
Schools' Connnectivity Service Co-ordinator
Phone: 01438 844777

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Schools Connectivity (HICS) Service Coordinator