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School improvement

Herts for Learning has established a successful approach to bringing about school improvement, with work being delivered through a combination of Herts for Learning staff and by a range of highly performing practising headteachers (many of whom are National Leaders of Education). All those involved have a strong track record of school turnaround and rapid improvement.

The work of Herts for Learning blends a combination of challenge and support with the ultimate aim of ensuring every school is able to sustain improvement. The level of support provided is in proportion to the needs of each school, in order to move it to good or outstanding.

Herts for Learning has extensive experience of monitoring and quality assurance, and has developed a Quality Assurance Framework, which ensures KPIs are met through timely intervention and impactful approaches.

All Herts for Learning advisers are regularly trained in safeguarding and risk assessment, ensuring high‑quality advice to schools and settings. The team has first-hand experience and knowledge of resource management, curriculum delivery and budgetary issues, and has a strong track record and the skills required to bring about a journey of continuous improvement. They are committed to promoting best practice, and providing guidance and support that is aligned to national policy.

All Herts for Learning’s school improvement work promotes a reflective culture within schools, and regularly brokers expertise in and between institutions. Herts for Learning ensures that schools are aware of updates to national policy and provides support during periods of educational change to ensure progress is sustained.

School improvement consultancy pricing 2017-18

School improvement consultancy pricing
  HfL shareholder schoolsNon-HfL shareholder schools
Whole day£615£695
Please note that a whole-day consists of six hours, and a half-day consists of three hours

For further information on all Herts for Learning’s school improvement consultancy and advisory services, contact or call 01438 845111.

What they are saying
"The work to establish HfL and to take it through its first couple of years of operation has been well done and the efforts by the team are much appreciated. There seems to be a genuine commitment to listening to the customer and this is useful for schools but will also ensure that there is a strong future for us all. Thank you for the work to date – much appreciated." Herts Headteacher

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