Secondary school effectiveness

Herts for Learning’s secondary School Effectiveness Advisers (SEAs) provide a range of high-quality advisory and consultancy services to support schools in improving outcomes for young people through improving standards, leadership and management and quality of provision. SEA services include training, conferences and consultancy for senior leaders, middle leaders, teachers, support staff and governors. SEAs offer a range of flexible and bespoke packages that address the improvement needs of schools.

Hertfordshire is proud of its strong reputation for providing outstanding support and guidance to secondary schools, both within its own boundaries and more widely. All of its services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a school or setting.

Herts for Learning’s advisers are dedicated, experienced professionals who:

  • are highly skilled and have extensive, successful experience as school improvement professionals, have experience of, and training in, the Ofsted inspection framework, our senior leaders within school settings and/or are educational consultants
  • have a focus in all their work on improving outcomes for pupils
  • are at the cutting edge of current educational thinking and research in developments in teaching and learning, leadership and management, pupils’ achievement (including ‘narrowing the gap’), and behaviour and governance issues
  • have extensive, successful experience of working in and facilitating partnership with (and between) schools and academies, and with other stakeholders such as parents, governors, Ofsted, and local and central government

Secondary school improvement services

As part of Herts for Learning’s commitment to school improvement, an innovative suite of services developed specifically for secondary schools has been introduced. Focused on providing support across a number of key areas, these services include:

  • Hertfordshire Improvement Partner (HIP) programme
  • standards visit – Autumn Term
  • headteacher performance management
  • self-evaluation summary preparation
  • current progress data validation
  • SLT/MLT coaching in observation skills
  • one year into headship
  • leadership and management review
  • preparing for an Ofsted monitoring visit or inspection
  • one-day review of a specific area of a school
  • review of sixth form provision and quality
  • book scrutiny - offer 1
  • book scrutiny - offer 2

For further information on all Herts for Learning's school improvement and consultancy services contact or call 01438 845111.

What they are saying
"The self-evaluation summary is likely to be accurate and robust if it draws together, and where possible, corroborates the outcomes of different sources of evaluative information…" Ofsted
"Robust assessment data and inspection evidence suggests the current Year 11 students are on track to reach better standards than last year ... on the basis of current performance." Ofsted
"HfL has been successful in providing middle-leader support to review each department development and enhance the strategic view of the school leadership." Chair of Governors
"I thought this was a ‘luxury’ but it has really helped me to analyse and review what I have achieved in my first year, as well as helping me with my priorities for the future." Headteacher
"The SEA’s observations are rigorous and his questioning robust. He is able to clearly see what we need to do to further improve the opportunities and outcomes for students, staff and the school." Headteacher
"Hugely important input into the school which has made a real difference – thank you." Headteacher
"The SEA is very astute and knows our school well. He is able to assess the measure of the school within the time allocated for the review." Headteacher

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