2020-21 Contract Services planning and renewal process

    Annual contract service renewals are released to schools in the week prior to May half term and provides a proposal of services that your school may wish to purchase.  The proposal is a forecast for the forthcoming year and is based on last year’s purchased annual services. 

    The document can also be used to assist with school budget planning ahead of making your financial returns. 

    A guide to our contracts process can be viewed in our short animation below.  You will also find below a range of FAQ’s to help answer your most common generic and service specific questions.

    If you would like to discuss our contract services package or have any questions, please call us on 01438 544464 (option 4) or email contracts@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    Guide to the new Contract Services 2020-21 e-process

    General FAQs

    Contracts are sent via email to schools in the week prior to May half term. 

    The Headteacher, school business manager/finance manager (where we have the information) and the Chair of governors will all get a copy of the contract.

    Yes – please contact us and we will email a copy to the school.

    A full breakdown of our services including, Advisory, Occupational Health, Financial and Technology for Schools services.

    If the school would like to make a change to any of the services on the contract they can either:

    Indicate the change through by completing our online form

    • Call us on 01438 845111 (option 4)

    Please check in any spam or junk folders your email software may have in the first instance. If you still have not received it, please contact contracts@hertsforlearning.co.uk or call 01438 845111 (option 4)

    An overview of each service is included in the PDF contract pack with links to service details online.

    Our terms and conditions can be found here.  Please review all sections including section 6 relating to term and termination of contract services.

    If you are unable to find an answer within these FAQ’s or the short animation, please contact our contract services team via the online contact form.

    A full service breakdown is available on your contract, however, further information regarding our Financial Services and Technology in Schools can be found on our website.   

    No. The document is used for planning the schools budget in time for the financial returns; however any changes that the school wishes to make need to be sent to our customer services team by 31st July 2020.  Changes received after this date will fall in line with our terms and conditions, section 6.   

    Final contracts will be received in October 2020

    The contract shows the services that the school has purchased in the previous financial year.

    If you would like details about our PAYU services please contact us on info@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    Team specific FAQs


    The time can be used for consultancy, visits to classroom, working with individual teachers or whole staff training (twilight staff meetings or INSET days). Please note that where whole staff training is selected as part of the package, a nominal amount of preparation time will also be deducted from the overall time allocation. (Twilight staff meeting plus preparation time equivalent to half a day of the package; half-day INSET equivalent to a whole day of the package.)

    For example, a 2-day package could consist of:

    • 2 whole days (or 4 half-days) of consultancy, including visits to lessons and feeding back to teachers about agreed focus


    • 2 twilight staff meetings and 2 half-days consultancy


    • 1 half-day visit INSET and 2 half-days consultancy


    • 1 whole-day INSET and 1 half-day consultancy

    HfL will make every effort to allocate the requested adviser, although this is not always possible. However all of our team subject specialists offer a wealth of school improvement experience.

    No. Once you have been allocated an adviser they will liaise with you to agree the nature of support that would best fit your school’s needs.

    Advisory Services

    The contract service is for the financial year 2020/21 (April 2020 to March 2021); the secondary and special school advisory services were purchased on an academic year (September to August). To avoid any confusion about double payments, as the service has already been agreed to, the contract does not show the amount.

    The HIP is allocated on an academic year cycle, therefore the school will retain their current HIP until the end of the summer term. HIP’s will be allocated for September 2020 being mindful of the following.

    • If your current HIP is able to continue to work for HFL in the new academic year.
    • How long your HIP has been working with your school- sometimes parties appreciate a fresh pair of eyes!
    • If there are any circumstances that mean your school would now be more venerable. in the eyes of OFSTED and therefore requires additional HIP time.

    The Education services Director, Primary will make every effort to allocate a requested advisor, however this is not always possible.

    Your designated HIP will be confirmed in the second half of the Summer term.

    Where possible we will try to allocate the same HIP to maintain continuity. If you request a change of HIP we will endeavour to fulfil the request, however, sometimes this may not be possible.

    Yes. Many of our schools choose the successful programme of:

    • A half day Autumn visit reflecting on pupil outcomes from the previous academic year
    • Support with Head Teachers appraisal
    • A full day Spring visit for a more in depth review of the schools practices
    • A half day Summer visit to review the year

    We are also very happy to work with senior leaders to agree an appropriate bespoke and flexible package for our schools if this is better suits their needs.

    If a report is necessary, the time to write the report will be taken from the four day allocation. If the school has already used its allocation the time would have to be charged at the standard rate.

    Yes, you are able to purchase extra days (at the standard rate) on a pay-as-you-use basis. This would not be shown on your contract.

    Teaching and Learning

    No. The TLA super saver package would allow a menu of options (a), (b), (c) or (d):

    a) four days consultancy

    b) three days consultancy plus two twilight sessions

    c) three days consultancy plus half a day inset

    d) two and a half days consultancy plus one day inset

    HfL will make every effort to allocate the requested advisor, although this is not always possible. However all of our team subject specialists offer a wealth of school improvement experience. The team provide nationally acclaimed bespoke training, guidance and support to school leaders, teachers, teaching assistants and parents to improve outcomes for children.

    No. Once you have been allocated an adviser they will liaise with you to agree the nature of support that would best fit your school’s needs.

    Advisory Services - Early Years

    The EYA Super Saver package would allow a menu of options (a), (b) or (c):

    a) two days consultancy

    b) one and a half days consultancy and twilight

    c) one day consultancy plus a half day inset.

    Advisers will work with leaders to plan a programme of support according to the schools own self-evaluation or findings following the first visit.

    Some examples of aspects that could be considered are:

    • self-evaluation and action planning support for senior leaders
    • developing high quality indoor and outdoor learning environments
    • scrutiny of assessment procedures including learning journals and progress tracking
    • joint lesson observations
    • strengthening subject knowledge of the EYFS and what this looks like in practice
    • staff meeting/s (delivery and planning)
    • welfare and safeguarding audit
    • ECERS audit of the learning environment (one and a half day equivalent)
    • developing the adult role to support teaching and learning
    • empowering staff to adapt provision for two year olds/those that access the 30 hour funding
    • coaching/lesson study/team teaching

    Data Management

    The DMS Team provides support for a school’s Management Information System, such as SIMS or Arbor.  This includes Service Desk support and guidance documentation via the DMS Portal.  See more details at www.hertsforlearning.co.uk/business-services/data-management-services

    While maintained schools benefit from reduced costs to Capita by way of a ‘framework agreement’ with HfL, the same arrangement is not available to academies.  Instead, Capita allow HfL to claim back a proportion of the cost per school for providing academy support, which we then offset against the total cost of support, shown as the ‘Deduction from Capita SIMS Recoup’.  The remaining balance is the support cost payable by the school.

    As part of the contract pricing is based on pupil numbers on roll as at the autumn census, if the school has increased or decreased in numbers since last year, this can result in moving into a different pricing band. 

    In addition to any inflationary pricing increase, an additional increase may be reflective of changes made to your services or the addition of new services. If the school has started using a new module in SIMS, e.g. Dinner Money, there may be an additional charge for HfL to support that module, which would have been discussed at the time the module was installed.

    For further details, or any additional queries not covered here, please email the DMS Team at help@sd.hertsforlearing.co.uk or call the Service Desk on 01438 844777 option 1, option 1.

    Governance Services

    Single Academy Trusts:

    • 1 in-house session
    • reduced rate to attend group training courses
    • access to Herts for Learning and Modern Governor’s suite of online training courses
    • reduced rate to attend Governor Induction course
    • reduced rate to attend Safer Recruitment accredited course

    For Multi Academy Trusts, training options are available and include a combination of the benefits listed above.  To obtain a cost, please email Governance with your requirements at governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    Note: if you are new subscriber to the training package, you will need to have GovernorHub to access training.  If you do not purchase GovernorHub HfL can set this up for a reduced rate.  Please contact governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk for costs.

    Access your GovernorHub account and select the ‘Herts for Learning’ icon in the top right of the screen.  Select the ‘Training’ tab which gives you access to a full list of training opportunities.  The face to face/remote group training and e-learning can be found on this page, and includes how to book on a course/complete an e-learning course.

    Agree which in-house course your board would like to book, identify at least 3 dates convenient to your board (ideally at least a calendar month notice to allow time for a trainer to be allocated and administration to be set up). send an email to gov.courses@hertsforlearning.co.uk requesting your ‘in-house’ training allocation; course name; dates; preferred start time (course duration approximately 2 hours).  The training team will seek a trainer for one of your chosen dates and confirm by return:

    Please note not all courses are offered as an in-house – please check which courses can be offered.

    An in-house is for the individual governing board only* and held on the school site or remotely.  Group training is open to any governor and can be held at venues across county or remotely.  A reduced rate of £15 is charged for governors of schools who subscribe, and £52 for non-subscribers. *For MATs who have subscribed to the MAT training package, the in-house session(s) can be held for the boards across the Trust.

    If your school subscribes to Governor Training and this is your first training event of the financial year (September – August) there is no cost as it is included in the package price*, and no minimum number required to attend. If you have purchased a MAT training package, you may be entitled to more than 1 in-house per annum, please check with governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk if unsure. If your setting does not subscribe, please contact Governance for prices.

    *If you have had your in-house session for the financial year and would like to book an extra one, this can be arranged at an additional cost. Please contact gov.courses@hertsforlearning.co.uk for details.

    Yes you can but this will incur additional charges. Signing up to Modern Governor only provides access to the online courses, however details of other group training courses are also listed and can be booked  as non-subscribers. If you require an in-house you should contact the team for details at gov.courses@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    The Chairs’ Service provides opportunities to work collaboratively through a range of training courses designed to meet the specific needs of chairs and help chairs develop in their role. The service also includes a termly chairs’ briefing providing networking opportunities and presentations from speakers on a range of topics; monthly e-bulletin updates; and chairs’ handbook to support Chairs of Governors in managing their board effectively and sharing best practice.

    The new Chairs Portal provides users with, focused news and information direct to their inbox, relevant articles, guidance, tools and templates to enhance the effectiveness of their role. The Portal also gives access to a rolling series of Modern Governor online training modules for Chairs.

    For Multi Academy Trusts, options are available and include a combination of the benefits listed above.  To obtain a cost, please email Governance with your requirements at governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    Note: if you are new subscriber to the Chairs’ service, you will need to have GovernorHub to access the portal.  If you do not purchase GovernorHub HfL can set this up for a reduced rate.  Please contact governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk for costs.

    If you purchase our HfL Clerking Service (we provide the clerk) you do not need to purchase the training and support package as this is included in the package. The training and support package is for schools who employ their own Clerk and would like access to the training and support.

    Full details of the benefits can be found by selecting the ‘GovernorHub’ dropdown at:


    £225 per annum for a Single Academy Trust.  For Multi Academy Trusts the cost would be £225 for the Trust Board, and £100 per local board.

    The cost for a single setting is £555 per annum.  For MAT settings wanting to buy it for the whole trust, the cost is £555 for the first purchase, and £450 per board thereafter.

    HASG is an independent third party organisation supporting and informing school governors, ensuring their views are heard and promoting high standards of school governance; More information about HASG can be found at www.hertsgovernors.org.

    We do not give refunds for meetings not used or allow them to be carried over. The 6 meeting package has been discounted and should only be signed up to for GBs who are confident they hold this number of meetings per financial year (or more).   We offer a 3 meeting package, which can be increased to 4 or 5 if your GB hold that number of meetings. A hearing that needs clerking, such as complaint; exclusion; or disciplinary, is considered to be an equivalent of an FGB meeting (maximum of 3 hours) and can be included in the 6 meeting package – this should be stipulated when requesting cover for a hearing by emailing clerking@hertsforlearning.co.uk to avoid a separate PAYU charge being raised.

    The HFL Clerking service is a set service that’s supports the clerking of all contracted meetings.  Full details of the service are outlined in the HFL Clerking Service document which can be requested from clerking@hertsforlearning.co.uk - Clerks are employed on a sessional basis to support a contracted number of meetings. Additional admin tasks are not provided within the service, but please contact the team if you have a request as we can liaise with the clerk regarding their availability, and provide a cost.

    A high percentage of our clerks are trained and experienced to support with complaints, exclusions or disciplinary hearing but not all.  To ensure we allocate an experienced clerk, all requests should be made to clerking@hertsforlearning.co.uk and details of the cost and service included will be provided. 

    GDPR Services

    Change in services from April 2020:

    From the 1st April 2020 we will offer the following GDPR services

    • GDPR Toolkit with email and telephone support
    • Enhanced DPO Service.  HfL will be your nominated DPO and provide a wide range of support

    We have now migrated this service when purchasing our GDPR toolkit.  Contact us for email support.  Alternatively please call xxxx for telephone support

    Our toolkit provides a subscription to the GDPR Toolkit plus support via email and telephone.

    Our Enhanced DPO Service provides HfL as the named DPO, onsite visits and more in-depth support, along with the toolkit subscription.

    The GDPR toolkit can be purchased here. Alternatively please call 01438845111 or email info@hertsforlearning.co.uk for assistance in purchasing this product.

    To purchase the Enhanced DPO Service, please contact gdpr@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    Through the ICT Service Desk. Full details will be emailed to subscribers in April. We will need to amend this after 1st April to provide full details.

    Website Support

    Please email schoolwebsitesupport@hertsforlearning.co.uk or call 01438 844811. If you don’t already have a support contract with us, we will still try to help, but you will be asked to sign up to an annual support contract.

    Please email schoolwebsitesupport@hertsforlearning.co.uk or call 01438 844811. We can discuss your requirements over the phone or arrange a short visit to talk through the options available.

    Please email schoolwebsitesupport@hertsforlearning.co.uk or call 01438 844811. We can arrange a half day visit to check you have all the necessary information on your website and do a full audit to check the structure, contents, consistency, ease of access etc and suggest improvements.

    The ‘new website’ option provides you with telephone/email/Wordpress support for the remainder of the financial year in which you started the contract. After that you are under no obligation to continue with any level of support, but most schools choose to have 2 half day visits a year, which includes telephone/email support. You can also just take the telephone/email support and then use pay-as-you-use visits if required.

    HR Services

    They both contain direct connectivity to our experienced team of HR Advisors, with unlimited telephone and email access, and access to our online portal of management resources. The Full HR service also provides the additional benefits of:

    • On-site HR support in agreed face to face meetings to support school leaders address sensitive employment topics
    • Implementation support for planned restructures or change projects, with attendance at agreed stages/briefings
    • On-site support from one of our advisors in formal meetings - including potential terminations, appeals and most scenarios where a sanction could be imposed

    The cost is calculated per employee. We base this on the physical headcount within the school establishment, using data taken from either payroll or workforce census submissions and verified by the school. This is due to the nature of the subject matter we support with school leaders; individual people management issues differ widely in their complexity, irrespective of the number of contracted hours for a staff member.

    Yes - HfL provide a managed Occupational Health service, run by Optima Health, one of the UK’s largest dedicated providers. Our annual subscription provides for unlimited usage of both the pre-employment screening and management referrals facilities, including telephone and/or face-to-face consultations with qualified OH practitioners.

    Details are available with the HR & Recruitment section of our HFL webpages, and are also included within our contract services communications.

    Technology in Schools

    A full breakdown has been sent electronically to the school (Headteacher, Chair of Governors and SBM) within the contract services pack.

    No. The data management service is separate to the ICT services contract and is reflected on a separate line on the contract.

    This service is part of the ICT services team and will be detailed in the ICT services breakdown where applicable.

    Please note: where there is a technical or logistical issue this would need to be dealt with by the ICT team directly due to the complexity and specific subject knowledge needed. Please contact the service desk on 01438 845111.

    Support is underpinned by our ITIL managed Service Desk where proactive support and advice is provided by knowledgeable staff that fully understand specialist educational requirements across a range of solutions, including AppleiOS, Google for Education, Managed Wireless and cloud backup.

    Any issues should be raised via the Service Desk on help@sd.hertsforlearning.co.uk or call on 01438 844777.

    We have a technical triage team available Monday – Friday 8:15am and 5:00pm (4pm on Friday) to help support your problems. We will always aim to resolve your issues within our service level agreements. In the event of an emergency where your problem can not be resolved remotely, we will arrange to send out one of our technicians.

    All school settings have designated slots so we will need to review what options we have available in your local area. Please call the service desk on 01438 844777 and ask to speak with the contract services manager to discuss options.

    We have a team of experienced account managers and Technology in Schools advisors that can talk you through Ed-Tech, sharing case studies and testimonials from other schools/academies to help you make the correct decision.

    Our account management team can work with you to implement a 5 year plan with a phased approach to help spread the costs over the years.

    Teach in Herts

    Contact details