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    The company is governed by a Board of Directors, which consists of ten non-executive directors (two council-nominated, six elected by schools and two appointed by the Board) and the Managing Director as Executive Director.

    Herts for Learning non-executive director nomination process for secondary school and primary school shareholders

    The Herts for Learning (HfL) Board includes six elected school non-executive directors who take up post for a term of three years. In March 2019 there will be three vacancies on the HfL Board; two for non-executive directors elected by secondary school shareholders and one for a non-executive director elected by primary school shareholders.

    As part of the election process, HfL’s shareholding schools are invited to nominate secondary and primary school non-executive directors for the HfL Board.  There will then be a voting period for schools to elect their new non-executive directors.

    Further information and nomination forms - Nominations open on the 4th February 2019

    HfL and Hertfordshire County Council

    Prior year accounts can be accessed via the Companies House website, free of charge.