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    A remote training package to support school leaders with the strategic leadership and development of formative assessment in their school across the curriculum.

    The content of this training package is cross-phase and applies to primary and secondary schools.

    Package includes training with an option for additional consultancy.


    The suite of videos, consisting of key elements of the live training that took place in Autumn 2020, will shortly be released as an e-learning package.

    The training explores key areas including:

    • adapting the curriculum intent and implementation in light of the lockdown
    • the crucial role of effective formative assessment techniques in re-establishing an effective ‘recovery curriculum’ that meets the learners’ current needs
    • training on the key elements of formative assessment practice, including questioning techniques, effective feedback, learning culture, metacognition and much more

    Two key questions for all teachers and school leaders that are explored:

    • how do you know what is going on inside the minds of the children/students you teach?
    • how do you know that you know?

    These questions are fundamental to a pedagogical approach that focuses on tailoring the teaching to effectively meet the learners’ needs.

    Package details

    Package 1 Training

    Training only Price TBC

    Package 2

    Training plus one day consultancy (or equivalent) Price TBC

    Next steps

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    The universal catch-up premium for 2020 to 2021* can be used to access the Back on Track support packages.

    * “Schools have the flexibility to spend their [universal catch-up] funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances.” DfE Guidance: Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium (20/7/20)

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