back on trackMoving into Year 1

    Given the disruption caused by the pandemic to children’s learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage, it is important that the Year 1 curriculum allows children the opportunity to practise and rehearse the skills and knowledge that secure firm foundations; preparing them for learning in Key stage 1 and beyond.

    The Back on Track: Moving into Year 1 package supports staff working in Year 1 to plan the delivery of an effective curriculum by applying the principles of EYFS pedagogy. This will ensure that pupils have the opportunity to get back on track through a context in which they revisit and consolidate prior learning, apply new skills being taught whilst embedding the characteristics of effective learning through child initiated learning.

    The package includes training with an option for additional consultancy and resources.


    The package includes three pre-recorded training modules that can be access on demand, and a recorded webinar from September 2020.

    The training sessions will help understand how to assess the gaps in children’s holistic development to inform the teaching of skills, knowledge and curriculum content that is essential to meet the requirements of the Year 1 programme of study whilst applying the principles of the EYFS.

    The sessions will also model the use of the materials to reshape curriculum planning so that it is responsive to children’s needs. They will also address the need to embed the firm foundations needed for children to access the national curriculum successfully.

    They will also use materials to support the reshaping of curriculum planning so that it is responsive to children’s needs. Embedding the firm foundations for children to be able to access the national curriculum successfully.

    The pre-recorded modules will focus on

    • capturing the essence of learning through play
    • using formative assessment principles
    • applying EYFS principles to Year 1

    The recorded webinar covers:

    • applying the learning from the completed modules and exploring what this looks like in practice

    Back on Track: Moving into Year 1 resources

    Package details

    Moving into Year 1 package 1

    Training and resources £188

    Moving into Year 1 package 2

    Schools with an existing EYFS SLA in place for 2020-21, may use part of this (up to 0.5 days) to offset the cost of the Back on Track: EYFS package up until 31st March 2021.

    Training, resources plus half day consultancy £520

    Next steps

    Purchase Back on Track: Moving to Year 1 packages 

    The universal catch-up premium for 2020 to 2021* can be used to access the Back on Track support packages.

    * “Schools have the flexibility to spend their [universal catch-up] funding in the best way for their cohort and circumstances.” DfE Guidance: Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium (20/7/20)

    I feel that this is the best transition from Reception to Year 1 that I have ever seen for the children. The class teacher has been supported fantastically well by the Herts for Learning adviser and the Back on Track learning modules and materials that deliver such a well-thought-through pedagogy.

    Dominic Bedford, Headteacher, St Adrian’s Catholic Primary School, St. Albans