Back on Track in the Early Years and how this pedagogy can help pupils moving into Year 1

    Published: 20 July 2020

    Much has been written of late about the varying experiences for children of life during lockdown and how this might manifest itself in the weeks and months to come. The Herts for Learning Early Years team have developed a ‘Back on Track’ package of support for school leaders, teachers and supporting colleagues to help them plan curriculum adaptations. We know that many practitioners will need to revisit and carefully consider the range of continuous provision and adult-led activities from September, especially as children’s starting points are likely to be different than in previous years.  We acknowledge that there will need to be an even greater focus on getting to know the unique child as quickly as possible so that learning and development needs are identified swiftly. Doing this will enable all children to make the best progress possible.

    One of the most joyful and heartening aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Early Years pedagogy is that our starting point is always the individual child’s strengths and interests. We think about what each child can do and plan our teaching and provision from there.

    Our packages of support for the EYFS and for children moving into Year 1 are based on sound Early Years principles with a focus on the EYFS Prime areas of learning and development and the characteristics of effective learning. These will be essential elements to focus on in curriculum delivery to get children ‘Back on Track’ as successful independent learners reaching at least expected levels of attainment.

    The Back on Track: Early Years Foundation Stage offer consists of three live webinars early in the autumn term. These are for EYFS leaders, Reception practitioners and Nursery practitioners.

    The Back on Track: Early Years Foundation Stage - Moving into Year 1 package is made up of three pre-recorded modules available from the beginning of August to allow teachers less familiar with EYFS pedagogy to access these at a time suitable to them. These are followed by a live question and answer webinar in September.

    Both packages come with resources to support planning and assessment. There is also the option to purchase a half day of consultancy support. If you are already using the  Early Years super saver consultancy package you are able to offset a half day of this against this consultancy element.

    Six months of potentially lost learning can’t suddenly be made up but the Back on Track Early Years Foundation Stage support packages, particularly with consultancy support, will help schools to get our youngest children off to a great start next term and will give them the very best chance of reaching end of year expectations.

    For more details about this offer, including prices, please contact

    Back on Track support will also be available for assessment, English and mathematics.    

    To find out more about the Back on Track: assessment offer, please contact

    To find out more about the Back on Track: English offer, please contact

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