Introducing the Chromebook App Hub

    Published: 07 November 2019

    The Chromebook App Hub [ ] was launched in Spring 2019 and has and will continue to evolve. It is a really useful tool and is so much more than just a list of apps. In this post we will look at how it can help you get more from your Chromebooks, give you new ideas for teaching and save time on the trial and error of evaluating lots of apps yourself.

    Get Inspiration

    Glance at the menu bar at the very top of the App Hub and you will see that there are pages for both Ideas and Apps. Both will provide you with suggestions of Chrome apps, but you can arrive at them in different ways. If you’re looking for inspiration then open the Ideas page [ ] and in the filters you will find a range of idea topics. Select one (or more) of these and you will be presented with ideas from educators, including a relevant app(s) that may be used in the topic you chose. You may come across types of apps and activities that you hadn’t considered before and so it can provide new ideas for teaching.


    Screenshot of ideas search page


    Find the app that does what you want

    If you know exactly what type of app you are looking for then use the Apps page.
    [ ] You may need an app for stop-motion animation, or photo editing, but you’re not sure what is out there. By using the filters on this page you can narrow your searches down to find the tools you need, quickly and easily.


    Get the information that teachers and leaders need

    Once you have found an idea or app that looks hopeful, click on the Explore link to find rich and detailed information about it. This may include tips for success (for ideas) and essentials such as whether there is an age limit (remember that some apps require users to be over 13, for example.) You may find a video or two telling you more about the app, links to lesson plans that use the app or a case study about a school that has successfully used it.


    Find the all-important data privacy information before proceeding

    One of the essential things to consider about any online service or app you use is the privacy policy. This was often overlooked until GDPR came along, but reading this should be a central part of the process when choosing new apps to use in your setting. App information found through the Apps page
    [ ] in the hub includes a section on the data policy, which provides GDPR compliance information (providing the supplier has provided this.)

    App information

    So if you are needing some inspiration or are looking for an app to support the teaching and learning in your setting, the Chromebook App Hub should be your first port of call, and you probably will not need to look any further.

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