People connected with Ofsted registered childcare

    Published: 15 October 2018

    People connected with Ofsted registered childcare

    Including committee members of committee run childcare*

    All partners of partnerships*

    Trustees of charities set up solely or mainly to provide childcare*

    (as listed with the charity commission as being legally responsible)

    Directors of companies set up solely or mainly to provide childcare*

    (as listed with companies house as being legally responsible)


    Have you recently joined the committee of your local preschool? Have you become a director of a day nursery chain?

    If you meet any of the criteria* above you will be required to register with Ofsted and obtain a DBS check.

    See the Ofsted guidance people connected with Ofsted registered childcare

    Managers – please check that all of your directors/partners/committee members have the correct checks completed prior to being included as a member of the leadership of your setting.


    DBS and Ofsted EY2 checks for committee members/partners/directors leading Early Years settings

    For those Early Years settings who are governed by a committee, partnership, charity, company, there is a requirement, by Ofsted, for these people to have a current enhanced disclosure and barring service (DBS) check in place.

    These people/leaders are also required to complete the Ofsted online EY2 process to inform Ofsted of this person and their role.

    These people/leaders are recognised as the registered person and are legally responsible in this role for the pre-school/early years setting. Therefore, they are ultimately responsible for the care of the children in their setting and must be DBS checked for their suitability. These leaders, as the registered person, are responsible for the leadership and management of the setting and are in a position of trust.

    “Where the sole or main purpose of the organisation is the provision of childcare, demonstrate that every person who is a partner in, or a director, secretary, other officer or member of the governing body is suitable to be in regular contact with young children and provide an application for an enhanced DBS with list checks in respect of every such person. Ref: 150150; Early Years and Childcare Register Handbook, Ofsted, October 2017 

    Early Years and childcare register handbook

    As stated in the Ofsted publication “DBS checks for Childcare Providers who register with Ofsted”; ‘Ofsted will not register a person until we have obtained DBS checks on the person applying for the registration and any other person who requires a DBS check because of their association, for example a member of the committee running a playgroup.” Ref: 090103, published October 2017.

    DBS checks for childcare providers who register with Ofsted

    There is no cost for the DBS check for volunteers for committee and charity run provision, but there may be an administrative fee, depending on the umbrella body used.

    Hertfordshire County Council have their own umbrella body and can process DBS checks for all early year’s providers. This is called Herts Guard. Please email your request to use the service to

    These people/leaders cannot take up their role and responsibility fully until these checks are completed and Ofsted informs the setting of the suitability of the person to fulfil that role.

    If you are a setting with a leadership team of committee members, partners, directors, charity, company, please check NOW

    • ALL people connected with the setting have a current valid DBS check in place and have signed up for the update service.
    • ALL people connected with the setting have completed the Ofsted online EY2 form (this informs Ofsted of a new committee member)  
    • ALL staff working in the setting have a current valid DBS check in place
    • This is all recorded (including DBS numbers, date obtained, who by) to evidence the checks completed on all staff and committee members, and this can be shown to Ofsted

    Failure to have this in place will result in an Ofsted grading of inadequate.

    The setting is inadequate because – ‘The members of the management committee do not have a good enough knowledge of the safeguarding and welfare requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. They have failed to notify Ofsted of changes to the committee members and do not ensure that all new committee members undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service check. This has a significant negative impact on children's safety and welfare’. Hertfordshire setting.

    If you have any queries please contact your early year’s consultant or send your query to:

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