Practical makes perfect: developing vocabulary in the primary classroom

    Published: 19 May 2019
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    Have you seen the Herts for Learning Primary English Team's earlier newsletter on vocabulary?  It has proved very popular over time - so much so that we felt it needed to be moved from its former home and take its place among our other, more recent blogs. 

    You'll find plenty of advice, ideas and guidance here, including the following:

    • vocabulary development through morphemic analysis
    • vocabulary and the NC ( a chance to see how far we have come since the heady days of the new tests of  2016)
    • vocabulary and comprehension (and the phonics screening check)
    • quick starts for a prolific vocabulary
    • how fantastic it must be to be able to speak an additional language
    • so many words, so little time

    You'll also find some favourite book reviews, including our first steps towards a  growing collaborative relationship with the wonderful Bob Cox (watch this space for some exciting developments that are coming soon). 

    Do enjoy the newsletter.  We hope that you find something that you can take away to use to further develop the wonder of words and an abiding love of language. 

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