Primary writing ITAFs: what's new; what's changed; what's gone

    Published: 18 September 2017



    Another new school year, another assessment framework – but just how different is it? Kirsten Snook succinctly maps where things have gone, stayed the same or been subtly changed, following the government’s consultation with schools. Click on the links for an extremely helpful shortcut to an outline of  the new expectations.

    These documents are intended as summaries and quick-reference guides to the changes made to interim assessment frameworks for this academic year.  Further government guidance should be consulted for the fine detail, eg regarding a child with a ‘particular weakness’ in an area. Full KS1 guidance is downloadable here ITAF changes KS1_blog, and KS2 here  ITAF changes KS2_blog



    Lead moderator training is due to take place in November so it is fair to assume that further clarification (hopefully in the form of exemplification) will be available then.




    For now though, I hope that you find these resources helpful.

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