Remote Learning: lightening the load

    Published: 21 January 2021

    I am sure that when we entered the first lockdown back in March we never imagined we would be in the same situation almost a year later, but here we are! Although, this time it feels different. We have lived through it once, adapted, and learnt from last time. Despite last minute announcements and guidance, settings and schools have found innovative ways to develop their remote learning whilst continuing to do a great job in times of immense stress for everyone. 

    Here at Herts for Learning we have put together a set of “Remote Learning” cards for settings and schools to use, and share with parents. These cards have been carefully put together taking into consideration a variety of factors. 


    Child playing with Lego Duplo


    We acknowledge the complications remote learning poses for your pupils and their families. They may have one device being shared amongst siblings and parents or caretakers themselves may be working from home or providing care to younger siblings. There may be a lack of appropriate resources,
    parents or caretakers may be ill or caring for sick children or relatives, or there may be limited literacy/numeracy skills from adults within the household. Top that off with the added pressure of yet another lockdown and the COVID 19 pandemic in general heaping considerable pressure and stress on families, it is important to be mindful of your remote learning expectations for pupils in the Reception year.


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    Our remote learning cards provide fun and playful learning experiences that are easily resourced with items you would have around the home, have little or no need for adult support, do not need a printer and can be adapted to suit the needs of the child. As a teacher you can share these cards with parents, saving you time and providing suggested activities that can be easily set up at home that families can choose to opt in or out during various points of the activity. 

    We have created these cards addressing all the areas of learning and incorporate playful ideas that can be completed alone or with siblings/adults. The cards are clearly set out with the activity, the resources needed, adaptations that can be made and a top tip. Currently we have a set of 12 cards available on PA Plus with further cards being added over time.

    Of course we all know that children will learn best when they are highly motivated, interested and able to explore through first hand experiences: experimenting, planning and making decisions for themselves, so these fun activities aim to support parents to understand that learning in the early years is taking place through fun and active, purposeful play.

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