Just2easy are passionate about bringing the very best technology into education in a way that is easy, yet powerful since 1994. Just2easy are responsible for creating some of the UK’s most popular educational software, winning many British Educational Training and Technology awards (BETT), including awards for j2webby, j2e5, and j2code.

    The range of software has been designed to enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning and make anytime anywhere learning a reality.

    FREE home access is provided as part of any school licence, giving teachers the ability to set homework for children online.

    Their award winning range of limitless learning includes:

    J2e Infant Tools

    J2e Infant Tools (JIT5) is a set of online educational tools specifically designed for younger learners. It has a colourful and friendly feel which appeals to reception and KS1, whilst tools such as chart are useful well into KS2.











    J2Webby is a creative platform that encourages pupils to be at the heart of the learning experience. It is easy to use with minimal training, any member of staff can add or make changes to the site’s content with our one click publishing. It’s web-based, therefore changes can be made from anywhere with an Internet connection and can be immediately accessed by the school community.






    The following case study is an excellent example of how just2easy can help transform pupils learning experience,  Case Study – Grange primary school

    Contact J2E to fully understand how they can support your school

    Tel: 01335 370579

    Email: alastair@j2e.com

    Visit: www.just2easy.com 


    HfL would like to remind schools that they are obligated to conduct a compliant procurement process.