Our Data Management Services team supports schools, academies and multi-academy trusts to harness the power of their Management Information System (MIS), such as SIMS. A fully accredited Capita SIMS support team, delivering high-quality training and guidance. The team help ensure that schools and academies receive the maximum benefit from their investment in a MIS.

    The range of services and support has been developed to help headteachers, senior leaders, business managers and school administrators to make full use of the tools at their disposal to produce evidence to raise academic standards, track individual pupil attainment and develop and maintain efficient business and administrative processes, potentially saving staff time and the school money.

    The Data Management Services team offers advice and support across the suite of modules for MIS software via the ICT Service Desk. The team also offer implementation and support in the use of SIMS including consultancy, training and documentation. Regular user groups are held at various locations across Hertfordshire.

    The Service Desk provides access to a team of experienced consultants via telephone, email or an online portal. Offering high quality support and guidance, helping users to harness the power of MIS. The support contract includes:

    • authorisation and notification of SIMS upgrades and patches
    • regular user groups at various locations across Hertfordshire
    • guidance and support in the event of a visit from Ofsted
    • access to the Data Management Services website, containing:
      - detailed guidance for the successful completion of statutory
      - returns, such as school census and end of Key Stage
      - an extensive range of specially designed SIMS reports, to assist with detailed data analysis
    • a wide range of detailed documentation and guidance to support a range of staff using MIS in their role, including statutory returns (such as school census) and end of year procedures

    Excellent service, always helpful and polite.

    Deputy Headteacher, Hertfordshire Primary School

    A bespoke consultancy service, for administrators, teaching staff, senior managers and school leaders. Consultancy is in addition to the published training courses which are available throughout the year. Providing educational settings access to a flexible on-site or remote consultancy service that delivers tailored solutions and expert advice to meet individual school or academy needs.

    Consultancy can cover a range of topics, including:

    • helping a school self-evaluate their use of the SIMS system
    • supporting the implementation of a new area of SIMS
    • implementing achievement and behaviour rewards and sanctions linked to a school’s behaviour policy
    • working with staff to record lesson and session attendance in the classroom
    • working with staff to enhance the assessment, analysis and reporting system
    • bespoke on-site training to meet specific needs

    We are very happy with the individual consultancy we receive from Herts for Learning. To know that there is support like this, is reassuring.

    School Business Manager, Hertfordshire Primary School

    Delivered by a team of subject experts, delivering an extensive range of training courses in a custom training suite.

    Training topics include:

    • SIMS new users
    • a year in the life of a school administrator
    • attendance/absence reporting
    • dinner money
    • reporting (basic and advanced)
    • personnel/personnel reporting
    • exams
    • school census

    …and many more.

    Bespoke training is also available, in which delegates can log onto their own school data from a secure and quiet environment to complete activities such as census returns or end of year procedures, with an expert on-hand to advise and assist.

    The test SIMS databases in the training suite offers delegates the opportunity to have real ‘hands-on’ experience in a safe environment; away from the distractions of a busy educational setting.

    Bespoke training can also be delivered on site at a school if preferred. Training is available on a one to one basis, or for groups of staff.

    The Data Management Services team also provide remote training for individuals.

    Providing onsite training reduces the amount of time staff are away from an educational setting and enhances the relevance of the training. Learning can be specific and applied to a school’s own data in many cases, allowing the training to be focused on real life examples.

    Thank you for your in depth training and patience

    Bursar, Hertfordshire JMI school

    The Data Management Services team has developed a range of module specific services to identify and provide guidance on improving how an educational setting is using specific areas of SIMS. The service can be offered on site or remotely and ensures that modules in the software are being used to full potential.

    The health checks provide guidance on processes to improve data quality, and to ensure that SIMS is being used efficiently and effectively throughout an educational setting.

    Areas covered by this service include:

    • pupil premium checking
    • attendance
    • behaviour management
    • SEN
    • personnel
    • SIMS database/SQL maintenance

    Our Data Management Services team has developed a whole range of analysis reports for SIMS. Using these reports effectively can have a significant impact on school performance and in improving the evidence available for Ofsted visits. They also enable us to support head teachers and senior leaders in understanding their data, to effectively track trends and target intervention to raise pupil achievement. Our team of Data Management experts work closely with our teaching and learning advisers, offering a unique service.


    Access to the Data Management Services resources containing:

    • detailed guidance for the successful completion of statutory returns, such as school census and end of key stage.
    • a wide range of documentation and guidance to support a range of staff using MIS in their role.



    The Data Management Services Support Contract pricing will depend on various factors, including student numbers and the SIMS modules in use. For a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 844777 (option 1, option 1) or help@sd.hertsforlearning.co.uk, so we can discuss your support needs.

    For further information regarding the complete range of Data Management support for schools, please contact 01438 844777 (option 1, option 1) or email: help@sd.hertsforlearning.co.uk

    We are always so grateful to EVERYONE on the DMS team for all the help you give us. It is comforting to know that no matter the question - whether simple or complicated  you will always come back to us promptly with an answer, even if further investigations are needed.

    Your help is invaluable - thank you very much

    St Clement Danes School

    About our training:

    “Absolutely fantastic! For new and experienced users”

    “Gave me confidence to “have a go. No “techy vocab” NO information overload”

    “Excellent Trainer and course content”

    About our user groups:

    “My first time at one of these sessions - found all info very helpful. Thank you.”

    “I really like coming to these sessions they’re really helpful and you explain things in an easy to follow manner.”

    “Found it very useful and would come again. Always meet my expectations, Excellent Hints and Tips thank you.”

    “Really good session, very useful prompts for upcoming items.”

    And from senior leaders on our service desk support:

    “Many thanks. You have saved our Attendance Officer days of work and she is so happy.”