Our Financial Services team has many years of experience in supporting maintained schools to meet their financial management and planning responsibilities.

    Services can be tailored to ensure that a school is compliant with their local authority requirement.

    Schools can either opt for regular support contracts or pay-as-you-use services. Our team can either deliver a full bursar service or work with your school’s finance staff to ensure that reporting and management responsibilities are met.

    For further information on any of the services listed here, contact:

    Sabrina Bryan, Senior Delivery Manager
    Tel: 01438 843299
    Email: fss.admin@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    Regular visits by an adviser to complete and report on a schools monthly financial position.

    The one-stop service covers the end-to-end process of bookkeeping and reporting including year-end reporting and submissions required by Hertfordshire County Council. The Full Bursar Service includes a liaison meeting to explain and inform on a school’s current and expected financial performance against their financial plan.
    The service also includes accountancy software which is managed by Herts for Learning to ensure it remains compliant with Hertfordshire County Council requirements.
    The current options are RM Finance or FMS6.

    The pricing will depend on hours used; for a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 843299.

    Our FSS advisor is highly experienced and realistic. She gives practical advice and supports us in running a healthy and sustainable budget.

    Headteacher, Hertfordshire School



    The Enhanced Bursar Service is for schools that wish to and are able to take responsibility for routine financial processing, but require additional support in meeting reporting and budget monitoring requirements.

    The service allows school staff to take responsibility for posting transactions and completing bank reconciliations whilst having a monthly visit from a member of our team to report their financial position. The visit includes a liaison meeting to explain and inform current and expected performance against the financial plan. The service includes year-end reporting and termly forecast submissions to Hertfordshire County Council.

    The pricing will depend on hours used; for a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 843299.

    This service is for maintained schools that have their own finance function, but require additional support for key reporting requirements and regular advice regarding their own individual requirements.

    The dedicated and knowledgeable Financial Services team offer advice on managing systems, to ensure compliance with Hertfordshire County Council’s termly forecasts and production of year-end financial statements. The Termly Business Partner Service means that schools will be kept up to date on key information which impacts on the financial health of their school.

    The pricing will depend on hours used; for a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 843299.

    A dedicated helpline team provide a single point of contact for guidance on RM Finance and FMS6 management systems, including the provision of financial reporting software.

    Guidance is available for Hertfordshire Maintained Schools on both RM and FMS6 systems, ensuring that they comply with Hertfordshire County Council and Department for Education finance reporting requirements. This service also includes financial bulletins, providing guidance on using financial systems and their requirements. The provision of financial management software is included for schools who do not purchase the full Bursar Service.

    The pricing will depend on hours used; for a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 843299.

    Provision of financial planning software and guidance on providing schools’ budget and medium-term plans ready for scrutiny and approval by governing bodies.

    The software is pre-populated by Herts for Learning with key assumptions relating to inflation and income to support strategic planning. In addition to the software, the helpline support team provide guidance to schools ensuring maximum benefit from the software capabilities. Regular bulletins throughout the school year, support in the preparation and construction of effective financial plans.

    The pricing will depend on hours used; for a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 843299.

    The Financial Services team are experts in education finance and how it affects school’s strategic planning, helping convert strategic plans into robust financial plans.

    The team support schools to create an annual budget and medium-term plan. The team fully understand that a robust budget which supports individual plans, is not only key planning tool, but essential in maintaining financial control. The team are also able to support scenario planning for special projects or specific issues. The experience, knowledge and flexibility within the team means, whatever a school’s situation and experience in financial planning the Financial Services team can help.

    Thank you so much for the two days you have spent drafting our school & CC budgets. I am so grateful for your patience and endurance in getting us to a viable position with so many unknowns and ‘curve balls’ that presented themselves. Your experience and expertise really is an asset for us with our complexities and integration.
    Headteacher, Hertfordshire school

    In addition to regular service options, our team offers a number of pay‑as‑you‑use services, including:

    • emergency bursar cover
    • training for staff and governors
    • audit and independent examination of school fund accounts
    • set-up of financial management systems
    • financial management system health checks, to ensure that the system is working correctly and reconciles

    The Financial Services team is also able to offer bespoke service plans, based on individual school needs, whether in our out of Hertfordshire. For further information please contact us so that we can discuss further.

    This service supports academy trusts to manage change effectively and challenge current thinking to ensure the new trusts flourishes financially.

    Working with schools to support the preparation and implementation of new financial policies and procedures for schools going from maintained to SAT as well as SAT to MAT.

    The pricing will depend on hours used; for a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 843299.

    Financial Services have been truly excellent in their patience and knowledge at a time when we have had a change of staffing (at the worst possible time of year!).
    We have increased our level of support due to the quality received to date.

    Hertfordshire primary school

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