The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 are a natural evolution of the previous Data Protection Act 1998, which they have replaced from May 2018. In response to this change we have worked with schools and settings to design a range of school centric GDPR Support Services.

    GDPR services have been developed to support leaders and practitioners in educational settings with ensuring GDPR compliance support across their setting.

    GDPR support services include:

    1) GDPR Toolkit subscription service

    • evolving self-service forms, guidance and a full set of resources to enable an educational setting to become GDPR compliant
    • updated in-line with requests from users/changes in practice
    • GDPR news update service to inform DPOs about national best practice, provide useful hints and tips and answer frequently asked questions
    • Herts for Learning's online Data Protection Officer (DPO) Forum

    Cost: £300 p.a. (£25 per month direct debit) for single sites, £150 p.a. for additional sites*

    Purchase the GDPR toolkit through a one off payment online purchased through a credit card, or if you have Direct Debit agreements with Herts for Learning, you can download the order form below and pay in monthly instalments.

    2) Data Protection Officer (DPO) Support Service

    Providing reassurance to educational settings that their DPO is supported in their role and the school remains compliant.

    Supported by Supported by Herts for Learning’s in-house DPO team, the service provides advice to assist educational settings to be GDPR compliant and implement privacy policies, procedures, working instructions, consent forms and data protection impact assessments. The service includes:

    Access to the GDPR Toolkit, PLUS

    • annual compliance audit and action plan - completed remotely
    • email and telephone support service for DPOs/Data Protection lead
    • crisis management support - remote process support for breaches and Subject Access Requests

    Cost: £750 p.a. (£62.50 per month direct debit) for single sites, £600 p.a. for additional sites*

    To subscribe to the DPO Support Service, please download the order form below.  If you have an existing subscription to the GDPR toolkit your payments will be adjusted accordingly.

    3) Enhanced Data Protection Officer (DPO) Service

    A full service covering all aspects of GDPR implementation, compliance and support handling breaches.

    In addition to the GDPR toolkit and standard DPO service, educational settings receive:

    • a Herts for Learning representative as the official DPO for their setting
    • One whole-school twilight session on GDPR compliance
    • One half day school administration support visit
    • One half day onsite audit and action plan
    • crisis leadership and coordination; communication with the Information Commissioning Officer and stakeholders (SARs and breaches)

    Cost: £1250 p.a. (£104 per month direct debit) for single sites, please contact us for more details on additional sites*

    To subscribe to the Enhanced DPO Service, please email with your details, and we will contact you to discuss further.

    * MATs and Early Years settings pay the full cost for the initial subscription, but receive a discount per additional site if they share a Board or are part of the same management as an initial subscriber. If you wish to order for a toolkit for multiple sites, please complete the MAT or PVI settings order form below with details of additional sites to be given access

    Email your completed form to:

    GDPR health check

    The Herts for Learning remote GDPR health check has been designed to help educational settings ensure policies and processes for data management, including collecting and handling data, reflect best practice and demonstrate compliance.

    What does the health check consist of?

    A remote session to support and provide guidance to ensure ongoing compliance with:

    • compiling a data audit
    • checking privacy notices, policies and procedures
    • data security
    • data breaches
    • subject access requests

    A summary action plan with key recommendations will be provided to help identify and set future priorities.

    To book a remote health check, at a cost of £95, or for more information, please email or call our Service Desk on 01438 844777 (option 1, option 1). 

    Contact details

    GDPR toolkit - access for subscribers