A modern way to run school governing board or a multi-academy board. GovernorHub makes handling and sharing or information across governing bodies easy.

    GovernorHub is a reputable provider, highly experienced at supporting governing boards with a secure database (GDPR compliant), which provides the clerk to governors with a host of tools to continue to maintain a confidential database and keep track of governing board membership, contact details, etc.

    Standard package

    The standard GovernorHub package is available to the clerk of a school or academy and includes:

    • governor membership details
    • a news page with up-to-date media articles
    • the ability to allocate responsibilities held by individual governors
    • the ability to upload the constitution of the governing body and committee structures, including membership

    Standard package annual cost:

    Hertfordshire maintained schools: no cost, as this is covered by de-delegated funding

    Non-Hertfordshire schools: £150.00

    Academies: £150.00

    Premium package

    Many Hertfordshire governing boards have already recognised the benefits of using this secure web based system to access and share documents and records, and have opted to take the premium GovernorHub package, which provides access to not only the Clerk, but to all members of your governing body and leadership team.

    The premium GovernorHub package includes:

    •  access to your own personal details
    • a filing area for storage of governor documents and records (in a fully GDPR compliant way), thus reducing the number of documents that need to be emailed or printed
    • a noticeboard for communication with your fellow governors
    • a shared calendar to plan and record governor meetings
    • the ability to download membership lists
    • the ability to track meeting attendance – useful for transferring to your website (which is a statutory requirement)
    • a downloadable GovernorHub app, which allows you to access papers through your phone/tablet

    Premium package annual cost: (would be £400.00 if purchased directly)

    Hertfordshire maintained schools: £75.00

    Non-Hertfordshire schools: £225.00

    Academies: £225.00

    Multi Academy Trusts (MATs): £225.00 per annum with each additional MAT Board included within your contract costing £100.00 thereafter

    For further information, please email governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk

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