Welcome to the Chairs' area. We hope that you find this informative and relevant to your role as Chair, whether that is Chair of a maintained school, an academy, a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) or a committee.

    We welcome your feedback. If you would like to recommend any changes or additions please email governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    If you are a new Chair please see the 'Welcome New Chairs Handbook'.

    The Chairs' service has been supported in its development by Chairs across Hertfordshire.

    We look forward to working with you in the future.

    The Chairs' Service is an evolving and developing service. The service believes in good governance, whatever the organisation, and offers specific training, support and guidance for Chairs. 

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this service.

    What do you get for your subscription?

    As a new Chair you should receive a copy of the Welcome Booklet. If you have not received a copy please contact governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    • Welcome New Chairs - booklet is free for all Chairs regardless of whether you subscribe or not
    • Chairs e-bulletin – a monthly newsletter
    • Chairs Handbook – this is in electronic format and is updated on a yearly basis. FREE to members
    • Training and development – to support you as a Chair
    • Chairs briefings – termly opportunities to meet other Chairs and receive updates from a range of professional
    • Strategic Leaders of Governance – representing Chairs in Hertfordshire, supporting the development of the service and mentoring other Chairs in times of need.
    • Opportunities to be involved in developing services for Chairs


    The Chairs e-bulletin is one of the benefits of buying into the Chairs' Service.

    The Chairs e-bulletin is a regular monthly email notification of timely and important issues from:

    • Ofsted
    • Government – Department of Education, etc.
    • National news
    • Local news

    The benefits are that you do not have to search websites and papers to identify areas of concern and action – this is highlighted for you.

    If you identify an issue that you would like to share, please do contact: governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    Chairs briefings are one of the benefits of buying into the Chairs' Service.

    There is an opportunity to attend once a term, where you will meet other Chairs and discuss a range of relevant issues with presenting professionals and local authority officers.

    You will also receive an update on relevant governance issues from a governance officer.

    They are advertised through the e-bulletins and on the training courses booking system.

    Comments from Chairs:

    Another useful network, well done!

    Really interesting. Gave me food for thought.

    Always worth coming.

    Your presentation made it so much clearer.

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this training.

    Cancellation of this training event requires 2 clear working days' notice by emailing training@hertsforlearning.co.uk. Cancellation fees will apply.

    It is imperative that you develop a strong and professional relationship with your Clerk.

    We would encourage to you visit the experts' corner – Clerks Corner.

    You will find on there links to a Model Job Description and Model Person Specification and lots of other useful information.

    Clerks are responsible for monitoring and updating the governor database on behalf of the governing body.  If you want any information about your governors training, terms of office or what services you are buying from governance, please contact governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    FREE to all those who subscribe. Non-subscribers can purchase the handbook for £40.

    A useful guide, it is designed to help:

    • Boards of Trustees or Directors
    • Chair of a maintained school Governing Board
    • Chairs/Vice Chairs of committees
    • Chairs within a local academy MAT
    • In this book you will find guidance on:
    • Support from the Governance Team
    • Formalities
    • The Role of the Chair
    • The Chair's Public Role
    • The Chair and the National Agenda                                
    • Your Relationship with the other Governors and developing Team             
    • The Relationship with the Headteacher                                                
    • The Relationship with the Clerk      
    • The Curriculum                                                  
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Governing Body Meetings
                           (i) Leading the Governors  
                           (ii) Planning and Managing the Workload  
                           (iii) The Annual Cycle of Agenda Item
                           (iv) Minutes of Meetings
                           (v) Managing Conflict
    • Delegating the Workload
    • Important areas -  Budget, Finance and Schools Financial Value Standard; Dealing with Allegations of Abuse; Headteacher Performance Management; Ofsted; Safeguarding; School Improvement Plan and School SEF; Schools Causing Concern.
    • The Chair's Role in Appointing a new Headteacher or Other Senior Members of the School Staff
    • Academies, Free Schools and Studio Schools                           

    An electronic version of the handbook will be sent to all Chairs that subscribe to the Chairs Service.

    To order your copy please email governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    Becoming an Effective Chair - core competencies - new and revised

    The Effective Chairs' course is run at least three times a year. Chairs of governing/trustee boards, Vice-Chairs, Chairs of Committees and aspiring Chairs will also find this course helpful.  It encompasses:

    • Leading and managing the work of the governing board, team dynamics, setting expectations
    • The Chair's role in supporting strategic leadership and getting the challenge right
    • The Chair's role in ensuring accountability and making sure that things get done

    Please contact Governance for prices and further information about this training.

    Cancellation of this training event requires 16 clear working days' notice by emailing training@hertsforlearning.co.uk. If less than 16 days cancellation fees will apply.

    Becoming a Hertfordshire Leader of Governors

    If you have been a Chair for two years or more and feel you have the capacity to support a new Chair, please email governance@hertsforlearning.co.uk.

    Contact details