Online is transforming the way training is accessible to learners. Unlike traditional class-room settings, online training makes learning simpler, easier and more effective.

    Online learning accommodates everyone’s needs

    The online method of learning is best suited for everyone. The digital revolution has led to changes in how content is accessed, consumed, discussed, and shared. Online governance courses can be completed at the time that suits the learner, negating the need to attend evening or weekend training courses.

    Courses can be taken any number of times

    Unlike classroom teaching, online learning enables governors to access the content an unlimited number of times. In traditional forms of learning, if a governor cannot attend a training course, then you have to wait for the course to be repeated; within online training you can complete training, whenever required, with ease.

    Reduced personal expenses

    When studying at their own convenience, governors are no longer required to pay expenses to travel to training (i.e. petrol, taxi, bus fare). In addition to the monetary savings, governors reduce the time required to complete learning compared to traditional forms.

    Quick delivery of training

    Online training is a proven way to provide quick delivery of lessons - the time required to learn is reduced to 25%-60% compared to traditional learning. Governors can define their own speed of learning instead of following the speed of the whole group and can choose to study specific and relevant areas of the learning material without focusing on each and every area.


    Blended learning approaches result in a higher knowledge retention rate. Therefore, online training has a positive influence on a governor’s ability to learn and implement the new processes or knowledge in school, helping improve the outcomes for pupils and staff.

    There are currently eight courses available, these are:

    This online training provides a clear introduction to governors’ duties and responsibilities relating to academy financial management. By the end of the course governors will be able to explain what finance means, explain where funding for academies originates from and potential changes in funding. After completing the training governors should feel confident to challenge individuals appropriately about academy finances.

    This course provides delegates with a clear and concise overview of the disciplinary hearing process, ensuring you are prepared and disciplinary hearings are conducted fairly.

    This course looks at the role of financial scrutiny and your role as a school governor in finding the right balance between financial sustainability and improving the outcomes of all children.

    This online training course was originally created for practitioners and school leaders, and therefore contains operational guidance and support for this audience. However, the content is also useful for governors, providing an insight into best practice in Early Years Foundation Stage provision. The information contained within this module should enable governors to become skilled on key expectations for this critical phase of education, and help inform strategic questioning and planning.

    This online refresher course has been designed to help explain the governor role in the process of reviewing a headteacher's exclusion decision. Providing clarity around the exclusion process and enable all governors to apply the knowledge in an effective manner.

    This online training course has been designed to provide governors with the knowledge and understanding to enable the management of health and safety proportionately. On successful completion of the course, governors will be able to identify the risks and controls within their responsibilities and fully understand the consequences of failing to manage health and safety effectively.

    Designed to help governors to understand why and how GDPR applies to educational settings and ensuring compliance to the new regulations. The course highlights the importance of protecting any personal data held and used by schools/academies, explaining an individual's rights under GDPR and ensures governors are aware of the key elements required to be GDPR compliant. By completing this course, governors will also be informed about the roles and responsibilities of their Data Protection Officer (DPO) and/or DPO team.

    Designed to support governors who have attended face-to-face Safer recruitment training and successfully gained accreditation. This refresher helps governors understand why safer recruitment is important, describing the key elements of the Safer Recruitment process and how to implement these in your role as a governor. The course provides a good insight into the process for any governors prior to attending face-to-face training.

    This course is designed to help governors have a clear understanding of what data is available and how to access it; understand how to analyse data effectively and be prepared for an OFSTED inspection; feel confident to challenge the senior leadership team at your school, to ensure the best outcomes for all pupils.

    Online training library

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