HR is one of HfL's best services and we would be lost without your support.

    Brockswood Primary and Nursery School

    HR Services comprises a seasoned team of HR professionals with a range of experience across diverse backgrounds and different sectors, including education, public sector, not-for-profit and commercial organisations. The HR and Recruitment team are proud of the strength of relationships and strong working partnerships that have been developed over time with many school and academy clients.

    The team has significant breadth of experience across schools but also from a diverse range of public sector, not-for-profit and commercial sectors.

    Two annual subscription services are available. Schools and academies can select which best suits their requirements:

    • Core HR service
    • Full HR service

    Core HR service

    A remote support service, providing unlimited phone and email advice and support in relation to any HR and people management topics.

    Giving schools direct access to a credible, experienced  team who fully understand the educational environment and frameworks, and are committed to providing solution-focused guidance. The team have experience of supporting different educational settings to ensure the support and information provided is relevant and applicable.

    Subscribers can also access the HR portal including model employment policies, toolkits, templates and guidance for a range of employment topics.

    The Core service provides remote support and guidance on the following:

    • managing sickness absence
    • addressing work related stress
    • dealing with disciplinary matters
    • managing poor performance
    • handling workplace conflict and grievances (including bullying, harassment and whistleblowing) 
    • restructure or organisational change
    • managing trade union involvement in staffing matters, including consultation
    • TUPE scenarios around employer obligations
    • other HR, people management and leadership issues.

    Full HR service

    The Full HR Service provides all the value of the Core HR service enhanced with the addition of certain on-site visits and attendance at agreed meetings by a member of the HR advisory team, enabling closer support for more complex matters.

    Digital attendance at agreed meetings is included where schools choose to hold meetings remotely.

    Customers find the experience of HfL's advisory team greatly helps them manage formal meetings more effectively and gives peace of mind in managing difficult and complex situations.

    Further additional benefits include:

    • HR presence in specific agreed meetings to support school leaders address sensitive employment topics
    • support in managing risks in complex scenarios and difficult conversations
    • remote and in-person support to consider a range of options without adjourning hearings
    • implementation support for planned restructure/or change projects, with attendance at agreed stages
    • HR adviser support in formal meetings including disciplinary or performance management hearings, appeals and most scenarios where a dismissal sanction could be imposed.


    The HR services pricing depends on various factors, including staff numbers. For a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 544463 or , so we can discuss your support needs.

    Find out more below about our additional services.

    We offer a consultancy support service for scoping and designing more bespoke activities, helping to identify and design business cases, and supporting school leaders to diagnose issues and develop action plans.

    The service can assist with the design, development and delivery of one-off major leadership development activities, organisational change programmes e.g. departmental or whole-school structural changes, and team-building or diagnostic support work.

    Consultancy services are independent of Herts for Learning’s annual service subscription options. We recognise there are occasions when a closer level of support may be needed but only for a short‑fixed timeline, to help schools achieve a particular goal in their team’s/organisation’s journey. An experienced HR adviser will liaise with a school to understand and provide a tailored solution, providing an upfront price illustration to undertake this.

    HR have been particularly supportive - schools need this expertise to help them through issues where they have limited knowledge.
    Hertfordshire Primary School

    All HR and recruitment training workshops and events aim to develop confidence and skills for school leaders with people management responsibilities.

    Offering a broad range of training, related to the full employee lifecycle - including recruitment, performance management and appraisals, managing attendance and wellbeing, and dealing with disciplinary and grievance issues; as well as sessions designed to develop skills in communication styles, influencing and presenting.

    The workshops are accessible for new and experienced leaders and delegates benefit from the opportunity to discuss ‘real‑life’ scenarios in a secure environment, as well as being able to build greater familiarity with Herts for Learning advisers leading the courses.

    The HR team are able to create bespoke training that is uniquely developed to support an individual school or academy requirements. Tailor-made training is formed in conjunction with senior leaders to align with team events or inset sessions, ensuring it is relevant and will develop the specific skills required. An experienced adviser can support in the delivery of bespoke in-house training, maximising the opportunity for learners to enhance their skills.

    For full details of our courses, or to discuss bespoke in-house training needs both in and out of Hertfordshire, please contact

    Research has indicated that dealing with conflict early, before feelings become entrenched, leads to greater chances of reaching a successful resolution.

    Our HR services team can assist and provide externally accredited mediation support service. Modern day organisations are dynamic, complex and changing
    environments made up of people with increasingly diverse backgrounds, opinions, values and expectations; conflict is unfortunately often inevitable. An organisation’s employees are absolutely key to it achieving its goals and negative conflict between staff can severely hamper the drive for success. Ongoing workplace conflict can also have dramatic and longstanding impact on employee’s wellbeing if left unresolved.

    Mediation support usually takes place over the course of one day, and can be held as soon as all parties are in agreement and can attend. Facilitated by a mediator, we offer an informal, flexible, confidential approach, which is tailor-made for the specific circumstances, and in which the individuals can reach their own successful outcome.

    The pricing will depend on various factors, including staff numbers. For a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 544463 or, so we can discuss your support needs.

    Helping individuals to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to contribute insights into aspects of their work needing professional development.

    360° feedback is increasingly used across organisations as part of appraisal and development processes, providing employees the opportunity to receive confidential and anonymised performance feedback from people they work with. The feedback allows individuals to understand how their effectiveness as an employee, co-worker or staff member is viewed by others, providing valuable insight about skills and behaviour.

    The purpose of the 360° degree feedback is to assist team development from balanced sources across the team/organisation. 360° feedback has the benefit of reduced risk of bias or discrimination versus other methods. An in-depth report will be generated to provide an overview of a bespoke set of competencies, which have been designed specifically around school leadership. The report details how each category of respondent has scored the individual. Included with the report is a workbook to guide both the subject of the 360° and the manager through interpreting the information and how best to make use of it.

    The pricing will depend on various factors, including staff numbers. For a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 544463 or, so we can discuss your support needs.

    A professional investigation service; supporting schools with complex cases in which an officer is assigned to undertake an independent and objective investigation, in internal employment cases and in line with the school’s disciplinary policy.

    Headteachers and governing bodies can feel confident that an independent officer will manage the investigative process discreetly and professionally. Following an agreed methodology, the officer will undertake fact-finding, including reviews of evidence and interviews with relevant personnel, to deliver a written case conclusion report.

    The pricing will depend on various factors, including staff numbers. For a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 544463 or, so we can discuss your support needs.

    Providing an advisory service to assist schools through the process of acquiring or transferring, in/outsourcing schools, services or teams.

    The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) is the employment protection legislation governing the transfer of businesses or service provisions from one legal entity to another. We can help coordinate the process in close partnership with school leaders/governing board to manage this process securely and in line with a school’s legal responsibilities.

    TUPE can be complex and financial penalties may be awarded if the statutory requirements are not met. The HR Services team can support educational settings through the process whether transferring staff out or in by providing advice and support in the following areas:

    • explanation of the legal requirements, briefing key stakeholders
    • consultation and notification process including attendance at key briefings
    • due diligence and information exchange
    • preparation of documentation including “measures” contemplated
    • by the incoming employer
    • Trade Union consultation

    The pricing will depend on various factors, including staff numbers. For a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 544463 or, so we can discuss your support needs.

    Self-awareness is key to the success of every individual, teams, leaders and organisations.

    Herts for Learning are partnering with the globally renowned Insights to increase self-awareness of staff within educational settings, and are able to bring accredited sessions to school teams using the Insights Discovery® profiling tool.

    This self-awareness workshop, including personalised reports for each participant, aims to help all school staff perform at their highest level. Insights Discovery® is based on the noted psychology of Carl Jung, built to help people understand themselves, understand others, and seek to enhance the relationships that affect them in both in the workplace and elsewhere.

    Key chapters of the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile include:

    • personal strengths, developmental ‘watchouts’ and value of an individual within a team
    • management - how an individuals’ preferences helps them to manage and be managed more effectively
    • preferences on personal communication style and interacting with others around them,
    • and suggestions on creating and sustaining the ideal working environment.

    Insight Discovery® has a proven record of improving team harmony and productivity, and increasing personal effectiveness and wellbeing, which is why it is used extensively by The FA, Microsoft, LinkedIn, John Lewis, British Cycling plus many, many more.

    This system is especially recommended for School leaders, Governing bodies and Managers to enhance their teams connectivity and effectiveness, and also for aspirant leaders to complement their self-development journey.

    For further details on Insights Discovery®, or to discuss how we could develop and deliver a tailored session in your setting, please contact us on 01438 544463.

    Our HR team offers a confidential note‑taking support service for HR meetings.

    Full list and prices available upon request. Please call 01438 544463 or email

    For schools that are forming a Multi-Academy Trust, facing budgetary pressures or just needing to respond to the ever‑changing educational landscape in terms of staffing structure, our team can provide expertise at the critical planning stage, to ensure a staffing structure is robust and fit for the future.

    Our senior team members will work closely with the leadership team to review and benchmark an existing structure, and help to design a new structure that works and delivers the required efficiencies within the required timeframe.

    Whilst this service is bespoke, typically between 20 and 30 hours of consultancy (dependent on school size) are required to work with a school from scratch and design a restructure/reorganisation, which is then translated into a solid business plan.

    Once the plan is adopted as a working model, further HR support to implement the plan is provided under cover of the existing HR support service, including assistance with process and procedure and consultation, both collectively and individually.

    The pricing will depend on various factors, including staff numbers. For a personalised quotation, please contact us on 01438 544463 or, so we can discuss your support needs.

    The education landscape is a constantly changing environment, which requires both resilience and skill to navigate effectively.

    Our HR services team provides a range of change management consultancy services to help schools manage complex changes:

    • bespoke staff engagement surveys, to help improve staff engagement,
    • boost performance and reduce staff turnover
    • team development and away days, from building better team relationships to driving innovation and planning improvement
    • specialist expertise and independent facilitation to help boost the performance of a team
    • skills audits – our team will help to design and complete a skills audit, analyse the results and provide support in action planning

    This service offer is designed for those seeking a detailed review of employment files and looks at a sample or the complete set of files* held by the school.

    In addition to looking at recruitment information held to ensure it is compliant with Keeping Children Safe in Education, the review will consider the employment contracts, job descriptions and structure of each file.

    We then provide a report including appropriate recommendations.

    In addition to the employment file audit, we offer a comprehensive safeguarding review.

    * The number of files to be reviewed can be negotiated where a full review is not required.

    Prices vary, depending on the number of files to be reviewed.

    We are also able to work with academies that do not have a payroll partner, to produce bespoke employment contracts tailored to individual needs.

    When the school was facing restructuring and redundancy the level of advice and support from HR was excellent. All meetings were managed and attended by a representative from HR. The school has also received a high level of support when dealing with staffing issues.

    Headteacher, Hertfordshire Catholic Primary School