The SEN module in SIMS when fully utilised, enables the recording of all details of Special Education Needs (SEN) to be stored within a pupil’s record in SIMS. Using this module to its maximum potential enables paperwork to be dramatically reduced. Data can easily be shared throughout the school and reports can be run to extract data in various formats, including generating EHC reports and Exceptional Needs Application forms, directly from a pupil’s record.

    Reviews, provisions and events can be logged and external agencies and specialists can be linked to a pupil/student to create a complete and comprehensive record.

    Schools who are not utilising the full functionality of the module will need to ensure basic SEN details are recorded in compliance with school census.

    The 'Using SIMS to Manage SEN' training course is designed to help you fully utilise the functionality of SEN in SIMS to enable the effective and efficient use in relation to the SEND Code of Practice.

    SEN general information and guidance

    General information and guidance.

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    SEN forms and reports

    SEN reports which can be downloaded and imported into SIMS.

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