In the new Education Inspection Framework, Ofsted’s focus on assessment is shifting away from looking at data, towards exploring how schools use assessment to check pupils’ understanding, inform future teaching and help pupils embed and use their learning across the curriculum. This conference will hear from Matthew Purves, Ofsted’s Deputy Director for Schools, about the rationale for and expectations of this new approach.

    The conference will also feature a keynote presentation from Professor Guy Claxton, author of the highly acclaimed ‘The Learning Power Approach’ (2018) and much more, to bring us up to date on his latest research into approaches to developing confident and capable learners. At a time when education is becoming polarised by ‘traditionalist’ and ‘progressive’ debates, Guy Claxton brings resolution, offering teachers a ‘win-win’ pedagogical formula that delivers academic results whilst simultaneously ‘turbocharging’ students’ independence, initiative and love of learning.

    Inputs from classroom practitioners and school assessment leaders, sharing innovative approaches to classroom-based assessment, will complete the day, providing inspirational ideas that will enable delegates to rethink or reshape their own vision for the role of assessment in schools.

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