The school business management profession is a key element of creating a sustainable future for our schools. However, as budgets continue to be squeezed and workloads grow, pressure on SBMs intensifies. This year’s conference is focussing on inspiring SBMs in their role and their influence on shaping the future of their school. The conference is the perfect way to step away from the day-to-day pressures, stay up to date on all the latest educational and professional developments and network with other SBMs.

    By attending the conference, participants will:

    • network with like-minded business management professionals
    • be inspired by a motivational speaker who proves you can achieve anything you put your mind to
    • visit key exhibitors who can provide services to support their schools aim
    • increase their professional expertise by attending interactive learning sessions delivered by education and business experts
    • focus on professional developments by hearing from leading business management professionals

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