Employment tribunals can be an expensive and lengthy process in any sector, but for schools this can also be a tough and stressful time for both the claimant and the respondent. 

    Having the opportunity to experience a full tribunal in action is rare; however, Herts for Learning (HfL) is excited to be running a special event in which a mock tribunal will take place.

    Working in partnership with Michelmores LLP, our employment lawyers, delegates will have the opportunity to see the action unfold, ask questions and observe the creative arguments and cross-examinations between the claimant and respondent.

    By attending the event, participants will:

    • gain invaluable first-hand insight into the workings of Employment Tribunals and take their learning back to their setting to enhance their knowledge and application in people management
    • have an improved understanding of the Employment Tribunal function, environment and remit
    • understand how evidenceis presented, how cross-examination is undertaken and the procedural rules the Tribunal applies
    • build greater understanding of the risks associated with poor employment relations practice - and the potential impact and recourse
    • apply positive learnings from the experience back at their schools setting in how they lead professional practices with their teams.

    The tribunal is ideal for:

    • Assistant Headteachers
    • Business managers
    • Chair/Vice Chairs of Governors
    • Deputy Headteachers
    • Heads of Department/Faculty
    • Heads of Year
    • Headteachers
    • Middle Leaders
    • New Headteachers
    • Personnel Officer/Assistants
    • Senior Leaders


    Tom Stenner-EvansTom Stenner-Eveans

    Tom Stenner-Evans, Partner, will compère the event, guiding you through the Mock Tribunal process. Tom will introduce the characters, explain the procedural points as and when they arise and answer any questions about how the Tribunal operates.





    James TownsendJames Townsend

    James Townsend, Head of London Employment at Michelmores, will preside over the hearing as the Employment Judge. The unofficial word on the grapevine is that James is generally a ‘Respondent-friendly’ Judge, but who knows what he will decide on the day.





    Rachel LloydRachel Lloyd

    Having lost her job and decided to bring claims against her former employer, Mrs Ambrose is on a mission for justice…and compensation!

    James BakerJames Baker

    James Baker, Partner, will reprise his role as the ‘no-nonsense’ MD of PJ Samson and Sons Ltd, Mr Samson. Mr Samson is adamant that his decision to dismiss Mrs Ambrose was fair and reasonable, and he is ready and willing to defend his actions in the Tribunal. Mr Samson is known to be a strong-willed character!

    Laura BellLaura Bell

    PJ Samson and Sons Ltd have instructed Laura Bell of Devereux Chambers to defend them against Mrs Ambrose’s claims. Laura has 15 years of experience at the Employment Bar, and has been named as a ‘Leader in the field’ for Employment in Chambers UK Bar Directory since 2014. Renowned for her tenacity and forensic approach to cross-examination, Laura has been instructed by the Respondent to give them the best possible chance of succeeding in the Mock Tribunal.




    Counsel for the Claimant

    The Claimant has instructed all of you to support her at the Mock Tribunal. Her case will be won or lost on the effectiveness of your cross-examination of Mr Samson. Come armed with your questions, and help persuade Employment Judge Townsend to find in favour of the Claimant!

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