Hear from Marc Rowland, Dr Janet Goodall and Rachel Macfarlane, who will identify key strategies for addressing disadvantage and closing the gap in schools.

    With the progression of Covid-19 and disruption to pupils’ education and its impact on their home lives and wellbeing, the disadvantage gap has inevitably widened.  Hear from experts in this field to identify the key steps in addressing disadvantage and closing the gap in your school.

    This half-day digital conference will look at how schools can recognise the needs of disadvantage pupils across all phases of education, with a particular focus on how to equip their staff with strategies to ensure disadvantaged pupils can attain and progress as well as their peers.

    Rachel Macfarlane
    Rachel Macfarlane


    Rachel Macfarlane, Director of Education Services at Herts for Learning, will open the conference.


    Marc Rowland
    Marc Rowland

    Marc Rowland, Pupil Premium and Disadvantaged Learners Adviser for Unity Schools Partnership, will be opening the conference with his keynote entitled:

    Improving outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable learners

    Marc is currently working with the Education Endowment Foundation’s National Research School Network on the roll out of their Pupil Premium training programme. In addition, he has also worked with the Department of Education and over 400 individual schools to support them with their strategies to improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.


    Dr Janet Goodhall
    Dr Janet Goodhall by Paul Gillis

    Dr Janet Goodall, Associate Professor in the School of Education at Swansea University, will be delivering the second keynote:

    Parental engagement and children’s learning

    Janet has researched and written widely on the topic of parental engagement with children's learning, working with school staff, parents, various charities, local authorities and governmental bodies. Her keynote will address the importance of parental engagement and impact that this has on children’s learning.


    Both Marc and Janet will be joining Rachel for an open panel session, offering delegates the opportunity to discuss, explore and share knowledge and practical steps to close the disadvantage gap.

    Herts for Learning believes that raising outcomes for our disadvantaged pupils is a moral imperative and should be a high priority for all schools.

    This half-day online conference will provide delegates with:

    • strategies to ensure pupils can attain and progress as well as their peers
    • resources and ideas for implementation in schools that have worked effectively in other settings
    • the confidence to be proactive in addressing the moral purpose of education – no child left behind, no school left behind

    This conference is open to all Early Years and school teaching staff, TAs, NQTs, leaders, SENCOs, INCOs, pastoral and PSHE staff, headteachers, governors and chairs of governors.

    On this one occasion, given the current importance of this particular subject and HfL’s overriding purpose as a company, this conference will be at a cost of £71 per school rather than per delegate. Schools will be able to send as many staff as they wish to attend the live event and will also have access to a recording of the sessions for 28 days afterwards for you to use with your school.

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