Pie Corbett
    Pie Corbett

    Join experts in the field of improving reading comprehension at our one-day online event with Pie Corbett, Dr. Tim Rasinski, Kate Charlton and with contributions from a selection of English Subject Leaders from Primary and secondary schools around the country. Kathy Roe and Penny Slater from Herts of Learning will host this year’s annual Primary English event.

    Reading Fluency Expo! 2021 – This is a big title for a big event as we bringing together practitioners who are passionate about supporting children to develop their reading comprehension.

    The Herts for Learning Primary English team will be bringing together informed voices from the UK and beyond including academics, advisers, plus a range of KS1-KS3 classroom practitioners who are keen to share insights into what has worked in their settings to improve reading comprehension for all.

    With a focus on fluency and its ability to kick-start the comprehension process, contributors will share theoretical insights as well as reams of practical advice and guidance. Delegates are sure to leave feeling informed, enthused and eager to get back into their classrooms to try new techniques.

    Our keynote speaker for this year’s conference will be the internationally renowned English educational trainer, writer, author and poet Pie Corbett : ‘The Big Picture Within Which Fluency Sits’

    Over the course of the day delegates will also be able to take part in workshops and hear presentations from:

    • Dr. Tim Rasinski, professor of literacy education at Kent State University and director of its award winning reading clinic. Dr. Rasinski is the author of the fluency chapter for the Handbook of Reading Research. His presentation will be: 'Building a Strong Reading Foundation – Phonics, Vocabulary, and Fluency’
    • Kate Charlton, NQT Lead and Moderation Manager, Central Bedfordshire. Kate and her team have run the Herts for Learning KS1 and KS2 Reading Fluency Projects in their Local Authority and have dug deep into the project data, revealing some fascinating insights. Her presentation will be entitled: “More than just a test – how the YARC test illuminates our understanding of barriers and progress”
    • Martin Galway, Primary Teaching and Learning Adviser (English), Herts for Learning will present: “Mapping out the reading curriculum: key considerations for subject leads.”

    There will be additional contributions from classroom practitioners: 

    • Lauren Haines, English Subject Lead at Gloucester Road Nursery and Primary School, Cheltenham
    • Emma Bailey, English Subject Lead at Maple Cross JMI and Nursery School, Rickmansworth
    • Nicola O’Brien, English Subject Lead at St John’s Catholic Primary School, Rickmansworth
    • Our KS3 contributor will be Sam Taylor, Second in Charge of English at Great Marlow School, Buckinghamshire
    • Chorleywood Bookshop, an independent bookseller based in Hertfordshire and very experienced in working with local schools, will present delegates with some exciting new releases in children’s literature and be on-hand for book-talk and a Q and A session.

    This full-day online event has been planned to keep delegates engaged and motivated from start to finish and provide them with:

    • practical insights into what works in classrooms from KS1-KS3 – learn from those who have experienced great outcomes for their pupils
    • the opportunity to be enthused by a learning community who share the same passion and interest
    • the opportunity to identify new strategies to improve reading comprehension in their school

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