Course code: CON/22/92/A

    This year’s conference, from the Herts for Learning Disadvantaged and Vulnerable team, will look at how schools can recognise and address the needs of disadvantaged pupils, with a particular focus on how to promote equity within schools.

    As always, the conference will focus on raising the profile of those pupils who need us most across all phases of education and will equip delegates with strategies to ensure that these pupils can attain and progress as well as their peers.

    The half-day online conference will comprise a number of keynotes, the first of which will be delivered by Sameena Choudry, Founder of Equitable Education andSameena Choudry Senior Standards and Effectiveness Officer entitled:

    Equitable Education: What everyone working in education should know about closing the attainment gap for all pupils

    In addition, there will also be a focus on the importance of vocabulary development to support pupils to develop fluency in their speech, language and communication skills. This priority focus enables pupils to overcome barriers to learning and ensure engagement with the widest breadth of learning opportunities at all phases of education and beyond.

    There will be a series of pre-recorded on-demand seminars available for all delegates, and their school colleagues, to access before and after the event, covering a range of relevant areas of interest to all phases of education.

    These seminars will be drawn from the expertise of some of our local leaders who will share the good practice they have developed in their settings to ensure high-quality provision and outcomes for their disadvantaged learners.  This will enable delegates to share these examples of good practice with their colleagues.

    Raising outcomes for our disadvantaged pupils is a moral imperative and a high priority for all of our Hertfordshire schools and the schools we work around the UK.  Every child matters and we aspire to have exceptional provision for them in every learning environment, tailored to their individual needs.

    The aims of the conference are to:

    • raise the profile of these pupils who need us most by hearing from respected leaders in this area
    • raise aspirations: to improve the life chances of our pupils
    • provide staff in schools and settings with:
    • new and fresh ideas to stretch and challenge disadvantaged pupils in their learning and provide ideas for removing some of the key barriers to learning
    • insights into what works well to raise achievement for our vulnerable learners
    • access to practical resources and ideas for implementation in schools that have worked effectively in other settings
    • provide strategies to ensure pupils can attain and progress as well as their peers
    • resources and ideas for implementation in schools that have worked effectively in other settings
    • increased confidence to be proactive in addressing the moral purpose of education – no child left behind, no school left behind

    Live sessions will be also be recorded and made available afterwards should delegates book but are then unable to attend on the day or part of the day.

    Special whole-school event access offer

    As in previous years, the standard cost for this conference is £79 per school.

    Please note: Only ONE member of school needs to register and they will be sent details of the live session and recordings to cascade to their colleagues.

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