We provide support to schools and academies on all aspects of curriculum building and modelling. From training on the principles of timetabling to writing the entire timetable. Our team can support with writing and reviewing a curriculum model as well as reviewing its efficiency and effectiveness.

    We also provide training on the use of SIMS/NovaT6 timetabling software, including remote support if required. Governors, school business practitioners, headteachers and all staff involved in the curriculum can benefit from these services. Bespoke consultancy packages are also available.

    Please contact us for details for pricing on 01438 544464 or email info@hertsforlearning.co.uk

    An introduction to timetable planning focussing on the timetable construction year and implications for staffing and the use of resources. Training on the most effective ways of preparing to create a timetable.

    A review of the current timetable looking at the financial efficiency of the curriculum model with respect to staffing and student grouping. As a result of this, the school may be able to improve the financial efficiency of the school timetable resulting in cost savings.

    Support for senior staff in the school to help review and design the curriculum model. Advice on potential improvements to the design of the curriculum plan taking into account the use of resources.

    (Package A: Years 7-11/Package b: Years 7-13)

    Assistance for the school timetable through the whole timetable process and support with maintaining the school timetable through the school year including access to a problem solving service. 

    (Package A: Years 7-11/Package b: Years 7-13/Package C: Special Schools)

    The construction of the school timetable service enables the headteacher and other members of the senior leadership team to focus on teaching and learning. The scope of the service is determined during the initial brief and regular reviews between the headteacher or leadership team and the timetable consultant.

    (Package A: Years 7-11/Package B: Years 7-13/Package C: Special Schools)

    A joint service combining support for senior staff to review and design the curriculum model as well undertaking construction of the school timetable. 

    A review of how the school's current timetable supports teaching and learning, taking into account the needs and priorities of the school. This can lead to an improvement of the quality of the school timetable, resulting in better timetables for students, parents, carers and teachers. This in turn may improve educational experiences for students, the working week for teachers and help parents support their children.

    Training for the school timetabler on using the features in Nova T6 timetabling software to help construct the school timetable more efficiently.

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