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    Herts for Learning has been commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council to undertake a Transition Project to review and develop transition processes for children aged between 3 and 5 years across Hertfordshire. 

    The vast majority of children look forward to moving on in learning and in life, but for some children, transitions can be challenging. When transitions work well, children are assisted to develop confidence and acquire skills needed to manage future changes in their lives. Support from parents and staff at school can help transitions to be more successful.

    The transition between phases of education – notably early years to primary, and primary to secondary – is a risk-point for vulnerable learners. Schools need to diagnose pupils’ needs as soon as possible, to put in place effective support to help those falling behind to catch up.

    Education Endowment Foundation - The Attainment Gap 2018

    Some children may need particular help, including from other agencies, to ensure that their transition is as smooth as possible. Research suggests that transitions are central to young children’s development and emotional wellbeing. How the first transitions are handled can have a significant impact on a child’s capacity to cope with change in the short and long term and impact on the progress they make from their starting points.

    The transition project aims to:

    • build on current good practice and encourage consistency across Hertfordshire
    • develop a pathway which will help schools receive pertinent information about a child’s level of need
    • identify schools with cohorts that have high levels of need
    • provide advisory and, where relevant, specialist support for schools that have cohorts with high levels of need
    • provide professional development opportunities and contact with specialist professionals that can offer advice with cohort needs.

    The project is designed to further improve the early identification and support for all children, particularly those with potential barriers to learning.

    For further information please send your query to eytransition@hertsforlearning.co.uk 

    Unique child transition level of need criteria and tool

    Section 5 - Unique child transition level of need tool 2021 (pdf)

    This document provides the criteria of potential barriers to transition. The rating indicates the type of support a child may need when they start school.  This is to be used alongside the digital transition level of need tool (5a & 5b below).

    Section 4 - Track changes to level of need criteria (pdf)

    Section 7 - How to use the unique child transition level of need tool – child level (pdf)

    Section 5a  - PVI nursery TLNT 2021.xlsx (for PVI, childminders, nursery classes, nursery schools)

    Section 8 - How to use transition level of need tool– school level information (pdf)

    Section 5b - Nursery reception TLNT 2021 (.xlsm) (for nursery schools, nursery classes, reception classes)


    transitions toolkitSupporting smooth transitions toolkit

    This toolkit will support practitioners, children and their families with the transition process, from pre-school into the nursery/reception setting.

    Ready schoolsReady schools

    A toolkit of resources for practitioners to support transition processes and practice.


    ready familiesReady families

    Information and age-appropriate materials for schools, to share with parents to help them support their child’s learning at home.

    REady childReady child

    Materials to support learning at home and help children get off to a good start in their education.


    Further resources will be added to the toolkit as they are developed.

    Ed Talks UK podcast

    Want to find out more? Listen to Caroline Chalke and Jennifer Ferguson, Herts for Learning Early Years Advisers, talk about how the toolkit was created, what it is and how schools can use it to ensure a smooth transition for every child.



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