Safeguarding checks

    We offer a half day‘ belt and braces’ safeguarding check which will validate your policies and procedures and which will check out whether staff in your school are as clear about safeguarding as you are.

    Keeping you up to date

    In addition, there are termly updates for governors and headteachers on the most recent safeguarding requirements.


    We offer a service which reviews with you any complaints received by Ofsted about safeguarding.

    If your school has an unannounced safeguarding inspection, we will support you either by telephone or in person and we will speak to the lead inspector about your work in this area.

    Where a school is placed in an Ofsted category of concern because of safeguarding, we will make a visit within two weeks of the end of inspection to carry out one of our safeguarding checks.

    Contact us on to discuss further how we can support you with safeguarding in your school or setting.

    Safeguarding portal for Hertfordshire schools

    Hertfordshire County Council, in conjunction with Herts for Learning, have created the Safeguarding portal which is designed to be a ‘one stop shop’ providing schools with the most up to date guidance, policies and resources in relation to safeguarding. This information is intended to empower schools to develop their culture of safeguarding.

    This portal is available to all Hertfordshire schools irrespective of their designation. To access the Safeguarding portal you need to be logged in to your school account.

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