Within Hertfordshire’s primary schools and academies, Hertfordshire Improvement Partners (HIPs) are one of three types:

    • consultant HIPs, which means they are experienced education professionals working through Herts for Learning, who are managed, trained and quality assured by the company
    • District School Effectiveness Advisers (DSEAs), meaning they undertake both the role of a DSEA and HIP and are part of the centrally retained Herts for Learning primary team
    • practising headteacher HIPs from a good or outstanding school or academy in Hertfordshire

    Each DSEA/HIPs act as a critical, professional friend to the school, helping its leadership to evaluate performance, identify priorities for improvement and plan effective change. In summary, HIPs support the building of the school’s capacity to improve the attainment and progress of all pupils, and other key outcomes that have a bearing on pupils’ achievement.

    Engaging the services of one of our HIPs offers a number of advantages, and provides:

    • a flexible, bespoke programme which can be as extensive or as focused as required
    • support and challenge – elements valued by schools, academies and governors
    • a HIP who is up to date with the latest developments in teaching and learning, and school improvement strategies
    • a HIP who is rigorously quality assured and who is accountable for the quality of their work
    • a HIP who can carefully coordinate deployment of a “team around the school”, drawing on the range of expertise that is available within our organisation and across the wider range of schools and academies within Hertfordshire. This includes teaching alliances, NLEs, LLEs, SLEs, and other experienced school leaders and subject specialists

    HIP support is priced at £625 per day, £315 per half day. Please note: these are HfL shareholder prices.

    Special Saver HIP package

    Alternatively, we offer a Special Saver annual HIP package, which is available to all infant, primary and junior schools and academies. This four‑day package includes a standards visit and a headteacher performance appraisal in the autumn term, a joint annual review visit (JARV) in the spring term, and a progress review visit in the summer term.

    The package includes 2.5 days delivering the programme in school, and 1.5 days in preparation and write‑up time.

    Shareholder schools and academies £2,200

    Non-shareholder schools and academies £2,820 (plus travel)

    For further information or to discuss your requirements please contact us.

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